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Michelle has worked in public relations, gaming, and esports and is passionate about the English language. She has a B.A in Liberal Studies with a minor in English Literature, and started EloTalk in hopes to curate interesting, informative, and realistic news and information on things that gamers care about.



Peter is a technology buff who enjoys playing video games in his free time. He spends most of his days actively in Excel and Notepad++. He has two cute cats named Quinn and Valor. He also enjoys playing Overwatch and Diablo 3.


Director of Development

Tyler is a full-stack developer living the Adirondack way of life. He enjoys his desk time just as much as being miles out in the wilderness exploring the region.


Digital Managing Editor

Natalie is an avid gamer, her video game obsession started on console but remains a member of the PC master race. She is a major advocate of the growth for the esports & gaming communities and plans to be a part of it all. Her favorite video games are: GTA V, Rocket League & anything by Telltale Games. During her free time, you can find Natalie watching horror game walkthroughs or writing.



Justin is a longtime Nintendo fanboy with a passion for the Oxford comma. He enjoys video editing, Final Fantasy, and niche cyber punk anime series. If he isn’t carrying his team as a Janna support in League of Legends, he’s going HAM on Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. Justin also loves curling up with his trusty 3DS and delving into Monster Hunter.



Susan covers a wide variety of games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Guild Wars 2, and Rocket League. She's staff at Rival Esports (Rocket League) and an admin for UGO (GW2 PVP). She is a panelist on the “Nights at the Round Table” and is the volunteer coordinator for Can*Con. One of her published pieces is in Onder Librum Magazine Issue #5. Susan is currently working on her first novel.



Nhan is an Asian guy who gave up on math after the third grade. Ultimately, he wants to become "Nhan Fiction" and really put his journalism degree to full use. He loves cooking, superhero stuff, English grammar, creating content and his cat's name is Mango.


Content Manager

Ian is a gamer, programmer, and tinkerer. He loves esports, but is an old school RPG fan at heart. Currently Ian is mostly playing Dota 2, Dark Souls, and Hearthstone. Generally he prefers Tank heroes in the games he plays.


Social Media Manager

A writer of all things nerdy and a devourer of all things fatty. After having a long history with the MMORPG World Of Warcraft as a leading theorycrafter, you'll see him play support in other games such as Overwatch and League of Legends. Bubbly and sarcastic yet easily distracted, Kyle enjoys learning about anthropology while drinking a cup of green tea.


Podcast Editor

Louis is a young audio engineer who spends most of his time either writing music or watching YouTube. Obsessions include listening to over 100 different podcasts, watching around 900 different YouTube channels, and spending way too much time arguing on the internet. Some of his favorite games are: CoD: Zombies, Borderlands, and Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom.

Dale Hanson


Dale Hanson is an avid TCG player with a strong background in Magic the Gathering and is venturing into Hearthstone. He enjoys breaking the meta game down to the raw components and exploring decks from tier one to ten. He's going through school as a radio and broadcasting major with hopes of creating a hit podcast.



Alex is a budding gaming enthusiast with a passion for journalism and a little shoutcasting on the side. A loyal member of team #PCMasterRace , he enjoys team PvP games like Paragon, Paladins and Atlas Reactor. A flexible player, Alex prefers tank characters or all out damage heroes.



Estelle is an aspiring journalist/shoutcaster and with a love for everything eSports, building computers, and photography. Currently she is enrolled in college, working towards a B.A. in Communications. She loves to play competitive games such as League, Hearthstone, and Overwatch.



Robert is a filmmaker, podcaster and gamer who also has a passion for writing, listening to podcasts, watching films and reading comics and graphic novels. His allegiance lies with Playstation and pizza.



Kayla (skysaviour) is a full time engineering student and a part time gamer from southern California. On Twitch she is a variety streamer that enjoys interacting with her community and laughing at her own mistakes. IRL she focuses on fitness, education, and reaching the stars.



David is a competitive gamer from Toronto, Canada. He's been playing Counter-Strike competitively on and off for 12+ years, attending multiple LAN tournaments in the Toronto area and is currently ranked Global Elite. He streams CS:GO and Blade and Soul regularly on his Twitch. David's all time favorite games are Earthbound and Zelda.



Ziggy (A.K.A. TheFettman) is a proud father and loving husband from Toronto, Canada. He’s an avid gamer and is a self-proclaimed professional bronze leaguer in every game he plays. He has three cats named Audrey, Vader and Pipin. He enjoys being bad at karaoke and playing board games.