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HyperX Releases FPS & MOBA Gaming Keycaps

HyperX is launching new keycaps for their keyboards to give gamers that extra edge they crave. While their FPS alloy already came with textured keycaps for 1-4 ...
Footage of a two player level in Death Squared where someone just died.

‘Death Squared’ – Review

Death Squared, recently released for the Nintendo Switch, is by far the best multiplayer game for the system. As one might expect from a Nintendo game, it is fa...
The Forts logo

‘Forts’ – Review

After PAX Prime, we took a look at Forts, an RTS that plays a bit different than the norm. This is a game I really wanted to turn out awesome because it packed ...
The Ruby Rei key art and logo

Learn A Language While Gaming

Video Game Meets Language Learning There are apps on the market to help with language learning, but for those that are looking for a more game-like experience,...
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Ian is a gamer, programmer, and tinkerer. He loves esports, but is an old school RPG fan at heart. Currently Ian is mostly playing Dota 2, Dark Souls, and Hearthstone. Generally he prefers Tank heroes in the games he plays.