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An image of the Nintendo Switch with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild playing.

What To Expect From The Nintendo Switch

Win a HyperX Headset!The Nintendo Switch launched on March 3rd. If you weren't one of the people pre-ordering within days of release or waiting in line fo...
An image of a phone held in a hand.

A Breakdown Of Verizon’s Unlimited Plan

On February 13th, Verizon revealed a new plan which includes unlimited data. While this is a huge benefit for some people, unlimited data isn't needed by most u...

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Demo Out Now!

While the excitement and chatter about Pokémon GO fades, excitement for Pokémon Sun & Moon is full steam ahead. On October 18th, a demo was released that sh...

Overload – A 6 Degrees of Freedom FPS

Overload, from Revival Productions, is the 6 Degrees of Freedom game that fans of the Descent series need to check out. With fast combat and  great level desi...
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Ian is a gamer, programmer, and tinkerer. He loves esports, but is an old school RPG fan at heart. Currently Ian is mostly playing Dota 2, Dark Souls, and Hearthstone. Generally he prefers Tank heroes in the games he plays.