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Back to School Tech Checklist

It's time to get back to school! There is enough to worry about with grades and activities, so it's time to let tech help to make it easier. We have put togethe...
An HDD's internals

Budget Build Part 4: Drives

When it comes to updating a budget build, drive selection can have a major impact. Understanding the difference between an HDD and an SSD helps in understanding...
The HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX Reveals Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

HyperX just announced their newest addition to their Cloud lineup. The Cloud Alpha has a September 25 release date. No doubt, this product will be amazing. ...

HyperX Releases FPS & MOBA Gaming Keycaps

HyperX is launching new keycaps for their keyboards to give gamers that extra edge they crave. While their FPS alloy already came with textured keycaps for 1-4 ...
Footage of a two player level in Death Squared where someone just died.

‘Death Squared’ – Review

Death Squared, recently released for the Nintendo Switch, is by far the best multiplayer game for the system. As one might expect from a Nintendo game, it is fa...


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