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Dale Hanson

Opinion: Standard Needs Amonkhet

The state of Standard, and why we need Amonkhet It's been a few months since the Magic the Gathering (MtG) Pro Tour, even longer since Aether Revolt, and nothi...

‘Hearthstone’ News: Patch 7.1

Although I'm single, sad, and was alone on Valentine's Day, Blizzard gave me and fellow Hearthstone players a small gift in the newest patch, 7.1. There will be...

Dale Hanson


Dale Hanson is an avid TCG player with a strong background in Magic the Gathering and is venturing into Hearthstone. He enjoys breaking the meta game down to the raw components and exploring decks from tier one to ten. He's going through school as a radio and broadcasting major with hopes of creating a hit podcast.