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New Updates to the SAG-AFTRA Strike

On October 2016, 11 game companies had strikes against them from the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). Then o...

Review: ‘Mages of Mystralia’

Years ago, a boy became king but fell into the dark arts of magic. Because of the king's recklessness, its use has become forbidden in Mystralia.Since the k...



Susan covers a wide variety of games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Guild Wars 2, and Rocket League. She's a staff member at Pro Rivalry League (Rocket League), an admin for Unity Gaming Org (Guild Wars 2 PVP), and a Twitch moderator. She is a panelist in a YouTube series called “Nights at the Round Table” which analyses speculative fiction books and movies. She is the main volunteer for Can*Con, a local writing convention. One of her written pieces is published in Onder Librum Magazine Issue #5.