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Rival Replay: PRL Tournament Recap 2v2

Rival Tournament This weeks' Rival 2v2 match up had teams like ForDan, GTG Babies, Vanguard, and Splyce. It marks the last time certain teams gear up for Rival...

Review: ‘Secret World Legends’

Years ago Funcom released a new MMO entitled The Secret World which had a fresh idea on the genre. It was highly anticipated and it received mixed reviews. Many...
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As a writer for EloTalk, Susan covers all forms of games including Dungeons & Dragons, Guild Wars 2, and Rocket League. Online she is known as Jagtress, which people know because of her role as a moderator in many streams on Twitch. She's a staff member at Pro Rivalry League (Rocket League) and an admin for Unity Gaming Org (Guild Wars 2 PVP). In her spare time, she writes novels and contributes as a panellist in a YouTube series called “Nights at the Round Table” which analyses speculative fiction books and movies.