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Diablo III Season 8 & 20th Anniversary

Diablo III, season 8 begins Friday October 21st. This will be the 8th season for the game and it will have it's own unique rewards, Conquests and more! It will...

6 Games to Buy for Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, October is the perfect time of the year to play horror games.Even those who are not fans of the genre can find a gam...

Heroes Brawl announced!

Earlier today, Blizzard announced it's long awaited new feature for Heroes of the Storm: Heroes Brawl. This new game mode had been in development already fo...

Danganronpa 3: Full Review

Danganronpa 3 is the second anime season for the franchise and the first one to have an original story. It was directed by Kishi Seiji and developed by Le...



Mélissa is a French Canadian freelance artist who loves movies, video games and drawing. She studied for two semesters in Digital Painting and animal illustrations and is now studying Matte Painting. She has one cat and two dogs; Rexxar, Balou and Molly, she mains Support and specialist in Heroes of the Storm, and she loves games from Blizzard, Nintendo and Bioware.