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Ban Wave Hits Pokémon GO Cheaters

Niantic hit Pokémon GO cheaters with a ban wave on Friday, August 12. It has knocked out cheaters across the globe.Many users of cheating programs took to...

Phoenix1 Replaces TIP in LCS

Phoenix1 will be the newest team to join the North American LCS after the owners of Team Impulse were forced to sell their spot. Phoenix1 is a brand new esports...

Riot Lyte No Longer with Riot Games

Jeffery "Riot Lyte" Lin posted today that he's no longer an employee at Riot Games. We are unable to verify if he left on his own accord to pursue other opportu...



Darion works full time as a Business Intelligence Coordinator for a traditional sports team but has always had a passion for Esports and gaming. You can catch him yelling about things on Twitter and flipping through records at the local record store.