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XSplit Acquires Challonge! and Player.me

XSplit launched an extremely successful piece of software almost six years ago that helped propel the world of esports and birthing the Twitch streamer professi...
The character looks over a blood soaked burning castle while a dragon flies towards him. Dark Souls III is in bold letters overhead.

Dark Souls 3: Prepare to Die… A Lot!

Return to the land of death, destruction, and death with Dark Souls 3. Released on April 12th 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Dark Souls 3 is FromSoftware's...



Alex is an IT Architect by day, and an obsessive gamer by night! Alex has been burning the midnight oil since the grand ole days of the NES and has been vibrantly involved in gaming media for over 3 years now. When not writing or making videos you can find him in one of his over 500 owned video games.