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It is finally October which means every passing day only brings us closer to Halloween. The haunting season is among us which means it is time to start breaking out all of our horror movies, games, comics, etc. For the uninitiated comics are strictly limited to superheroes but the truth is comics are far more than just masked and caped crusaders that are out to take justice into their own hands. Comics are rich in storytelling and some of the best horror stories today are being told in comics. Horror is personally my favorite genre so today I’m going to give you 5 horror comics to get you into the Halloween spirit… demon or poltergeist.


1) Gotham By Midnight
Anyone that is familiar with Batman knows that Gotham City is a very dark city, from the crime and the neighborhoods that it inhabits to the old, eerie structural architecture of many of the buildings that are topped by stone gargoyles. Gotham By Midnight, a series that debuted in November 2014, focuses on the paranormal cases and investigations that you don’t see when you’re reading a Batman title. This was an incredibly smart premise and the first 2 issues were nearly impossible to find on the shelves of local comic shops because it was an instant success. Written by Ray Fawkes and drawn by Ben Templesmith and Juan Ferreyra, ‘Gotham By Midnight’ was cut short when it was canceled but it was able to wrap up and deliver a great twelve issue run.

The storytelling and art styles pair together incredibly well and the characters, primary and secondary, are all compelling and worth being invested in. I highly recommend Gotham By Midnight for anyone that is wanting to get into horror comics but are only familiar with superhero titles, it is a nice and easy transition. Gotham By Midnight: Volumes 1 & 2 are both available wherever comics are sold, physically and digitally.

2) Demonic
Demonic follows Detective Scott Graves who is committed to his job but is even more committed to his family. When his daughter falls ill and the doctors have no clue what is wrong with her, Scott is approached by a familiar but malevolent spirit that promises that she’ll return his daughter to good health but only if he does one thing for her — sell away his soul. Demonic is only a 6 issue mini-series but it has already taken many readers by surprise. At the end of the first issue you are left with an insanely interesting twist that will leave you dying to find out what happens next.

Demonic, written by Christoper Sebela, drawn and colored by Niko Walter and Dan Brown, premiered this past August by Image Comics and is already off to a great start. I recommend Demonic for anyone that is looking for a new horror series to dig into. Issues 1 & 2 are both available and issue 3 will be available later this month.


3) American Vampire
American history is filled with many dark times and even darker mysteries and secrets but what if one of those mysteries were vampires? American Vampire is an anthological horror series that follows a new species of vampire and their presence in major and minor American historical times and events. While some of the stories may feel completely isolated from each other you are reminded that it all comes down to one common denominator — Skinner Sweet, a well-known and feared outlaw by day but a blood sucking, throat slashing vampire by night.

American Vampire debuted in March 2010, published by Vertigo Comics under the DC Comics umbrella, and its terrifying art is done by Rafael Albuquerque and is written by Scott Snyder, with some stories written by horror legend, Stephen King. American Vampire is an ongoing series that has sporadic releases but volumes 1-8 are available now.


4) Outcast
Outcast follows Kyle Barnes, a man with a troubled past and haunting history, as he tries to understand why everything around him always seems to fall apart, from his relationship with his mother to his failed marriage and parenthood. But Kyle soon comes to realize that none of it was ever his fault but instead a demonic force that has always been present in his life since childhood. Kyle partners with Reverend Anderson to try to find some answers and help the demonically possessed in the process.

Outcast is not only one of my favorite horror comics but comics in general. I can relate to Kyle Barnes on a personal level and I found this title in a time when I needed it the most. Written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and drawn by Paul Azaceta, Outcast is an incredibly compelling story lead by compelling characters. I highly recommend Outcast for anyone that loves horror but also great storytelling. I have been recommending Outcast since it debuted in June 2014 by Image Comics. Outcast is an ongoing, monthly series and issue 22 will be available later this month but volumes 1-3 are available now.


5) Wytches
Many view witches as being green-skinned, elderly woman that float around on wooden brooms and perform seances around a cauldron, as we were told as children but that was just a fairy-tale. We were even told that witches pray to the devil but the truth is some people pray to them. Wytches are powerful, malevolent, primal, ancient creatures that haunt the woods. Wytches follows a young teen, Sailor, that has been bullied and forced out of her school and town, which lead her to a new place after a traumatic experience with a bully, alone in the woods. Sailor’s parents figure she’s having a hard time adjusting to her new school and home when she starts acting out but her past has come back to haunt her.

Wytches is an ongoing series that made its debut October 2014, published by Image Comics. Written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Jock, Wytches was an instant success by the duo. The idea for Wytches came from Scott Snyder’s childhood experiences roaming through the woods and is brought to life by Jock’s haunting visual art style that sticks with you. I have been recommending this title since it was recommended to me by my local comic shop in 2014. Any horror fan will love Wytches and it is one of my personal favorites. I highly recommend Wytches, Volume 1 is available now.

Stay tuned and close as we ramp up the horror for the remainder of the October.

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