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Accel World is a Japanese animation that aired during the Spring of 2012. Based on Reki Kawahara‘s light novel under the same name, the story was set in 2046 where people could use Neuro-linkers to access a virtual world and the Accelerated world.  It’s already been a few years since this TV show ended and fans were eager for a second season. However, they were happy to learn some time ago that it would be getting its first movie: Accel World Infinite Burst.
Accel World Infinite Burst is an original story by Reki Kawahara (also known for the Sword Art Online light novels). In the movie, the viewers will get to meet again with Haruyuki, Kuroyukihime, Chiyuri, Takumu and new heroes.


A video featuring a seven minutes sneak peek of the movie was released. In it, we can see the previous characters from season 1 of the show as well as the new heroine. While a lot of people have been asking if this movie would give a chance for a second season, there have been no official answers.

The movie is scheduled to premiere on July 23 in Japan. For more information as the movie is release you can follow their team on Twitter, follow the Facebook Fan page for news in English or go to their official website: accel-world.net



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