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Yes, you read that correctly, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? is coming back!

The dark-haired and long redcoat wearing beautiful thief but beloved traveler, Carmen Sandiego is putting a pin on the map on – Netflix!

The new animated series will stream at twenty episodes with each being 22 minutes long and will not only focus on the happenings of Carmen’s whereabouts but who she is exactly. So far, this sounds promising along with the awesomely mysterious Netflix poster.

Carmen will be voiced by Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) and joining her as The Player is Finn Wolfhard (Mike – Stranger Things). The live-action and faceless kid sitting at the computer at the beginning and ending of each episode, remember?

It will certainly be exciting to see how the story will unfold for fans of the show back then who have grown into adults watching with their own kids.

What do you think of the reboot news? Is Carmen Sandiego ready for Netflix?

Carmen Sandiego is expected to launch on Netflix in 2019, via io9.

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