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Disney has released their newest trailer for the live action presentation of their classic story, Beauty and the Beast.Beauty and the Beast dancing in the ballroom

We see Emma Watson personifying Belle amazingly in this trailer, which hopefully means that she will nail the role in the full-length film. Many fans of the original Beauty and the Beast have been unsure if Emma was the right choice for Belle. However, we see her nailing the look and gentleness she gives to the Beast, which could mean good news for fans everywhere.

Fan favorites Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Chip had a bit of a remake, but not enough to make them look ridiculous. As part of turning this story into a live-action, some realism is going to look a little bit whacky at first. Although the characters remain true to their original design.

As far as Gaston goes, Luke Evans seems to have been a great choice. We see him being the ever eccentric and self-centered Gaston, causing riots to get what he wants.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to the March 17 2017 release and will see it the moment it comes out!

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