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8.8Overall Score
Family Friendliness9
Parent Enjoyment10
Story Depth5
Nostalgia / Good Feelings10

BFG by Disney is a great movie, fit for the whole family. The lack of twists in the plot makes for a story that is easy to sit down, relax, and enjoy. With a fairytale-like story, watching it brought on waves of nostalgia, pinning down the concepts that got me hooked on fantasy and gaming to begin with. While the movie lacks in depth, it makes up for it in the details that push away the barrier to immersion and put the viewer right into this fantastic tale.

The Family’s Response

While watching BFG with my family, there were times when my children huddled up in anticipation, laughed out loud, and the remainder of the movie they were caught up in the magic on screen. It isn’t all that often that my kiddos can last the entire time through a movie without having the need to wiggle around and do something different. While watching BFG this didn’t happen at all. It was a big relief to watch something that they were able to get through start to finish. As a parent, it was also nice to get the whole way through the movie without silently wishing the credits would start to roll.A giant blowing into a large mysterious horn.

A Relaxed and Enjoyable Experience

The story was straight forward without trying too hard to make the viewer guess what was going to happen from scene to scene. It’s a tactic used in many films to keep them fun and exciting, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt to have what you wished would happen, be what took place. Usually, I expect the too-good-to-be-true instance to be shot down, and the protagonist has to find some way around it, struggling along the way. It just felt good to see a story where good things do happen to good people.A giant, walking with a girl sitting on his right shoulder.

The Giants I Wanted to See

With movies and games coming out with new creatures every day, it was refreshing to see the story of a classic fairy tale creature that fit the mold. The giants of BFG really fit what I grew up knowing as giants. Big, lumbering, dumb, brutes that just make a mess of things and crash through everything is exactly what I want in my giants, and BFG had them in spades. It reminded me of the giants I saw in games and movies as a kid. Of course, there is also the small and friendly giant, meant to bridge the gap between our world and theirs.Nine large giants surrounding a smaller giant in an intimidating manner.

A Beautiful Movie

BFG is based on a book by Roald Dahl. The story he wrote focused less on making an intricate tale that took the reader for twists and turns and instead created a world that felt alive. From the way the characters speak to the beauty of dreams, something about BFG makes you want to live in the world he created. Disney took the story and spun it into one of the most gorgeous movies I have ever seen. I haven’t wanted to float away to another land since I was a child and dreamed of joining Peter Pan’s Lost Boys.A girl reading a book under her covers with a flashlight.

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