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*Spoiler Alert. Proceed with caution if you plan on watching this film.*

David Ayer’s newest film, Bright debuted on Netflix just in time for the holiday break. With a $90 million dollar budget, Bright did not see its glory according to various critics and reviews published.

Currently, Bright is sitting at a whopping 29 percent (critics) and a surprisingly high 88 percent (audience) on Rotten Tomatoes. So, what did the critics hate and what did the audience love?

I watched Bright on the night it debuted, the first few minutes of the film set the tone of cliché hood-talk banter between LAPD officer Daryl Ward played by Will Smith and his neighborly Orc-foes as they watch him beat the shit out of an incessant fairy.

The film picks up steam with an introduction of Ward’s Orc counter-part, Nick Jakoby, played by an unrecognizable Joel Edgerton who is not wanted or respected by Ward. Actually, the on-going and rather weak back story between these two takes the film down to an anti-climatic love and respect for one another.

Ward and Jakoby are forced to be partners, Ward despises the idea of partnering with Jakoby while working his way through some sort version of PTSD from a gunshot wound which he believes Jakoby intentionally allowed to happen.

In this human versus Orc universe, Ward chalks up Jakoby’s failed attempt at saving his life by missing an opportunity to catch the perpetrator. It is later revealed that Jakoby followed his Orc-like instincts using his keen sense of smell, he lost sight of the assailant and almost took down a young graffiti tagger but let him go. Hence, the resentment from Ward.

Fast forward to awesome action-packed fighting scenes with a powerful “Bright” Inferni member, Leilah (Noomi Rapace) and her stolen magic wand. Leilah is the sister of Tikka, the third main character who’s personal mission is to prevent the Dark Lord’s resurrection.

Ayer’s strengths take their shape in these dark and rainy scenes as the chase begins between human and “Bright”.

Long story short, Bright leaves off with a painful predictable ending, Ward plans on sacrificing himself to end Leilah’s wrath only to discover he too, is a Bright. The building ignites in flames after a magical explosion, both Jakoby and Ward escape with witty commentary, roll credits.

Overall, Bright was an exciting, funny, and action-packed film with a great cast of new and old faces. The story calls for writers with expertise and execution in fantasy lore. Bright received 11 million views in the U.S. within the first three days of its premiere.

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