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E3 2017 was filled with new and awesome technologies and game titles. Now that the chaos and excitement has settled, check out a few snippets of what’s to come and what to look forward to in this coming year and the next.

Virtual Reality (VR)

One of the primary focuses at E3 this year was VR, as many expected. Last year we saw simple games like Eagle Flight in presentations to show us where gaming was going. This year, VR was dominating the many booths and it is pretty easy to see why. The graphics and immersion have improved drastically from last year. VR is heading in an exciting direction.

Some titles we can look forward to are:


Fighting dragons in virtual reality? Sign me up! Skyrim VR will be playable on the PlaystationVR and the HTC Vive for PC, we’ll be seeing this game sometime in 2018. Personally, this calls for an investment in a VR headset just to play this wonderful game.


Do you want to play as a guardian for an utterly adorable mouse named Quill? Then look no further because this game is like living in a beautiful storybook. Moss will be available on PlayStation VR during the holidays. This game is on my wishlist. Once I have access to a PlayStation VR setup, which should be soon, I’ll certainly play it!


Microsoft had a lot to present at E3 this year. It’s most popular announcement being the Xbox One X. A super powerful console that will change the way you game. It will be available on November 7, 2017, for $499. One game to look forward to is Sea of Thieves, available sometime in 2018. Always wanted to be a pirate? Now you can!


Beam was rebranded as Mixer and boasts some pretty awesome features as a live streaming service. Users will be able to easily co-stream with just a click, and allow their viewers to directly interact with the game they’re playing. Also, the stream lag is so little that it makes interacting with that a lot easier. Ever wonder what mobile game streaming is? Well, that’s coming soon. Microsoft is really trying to compete with Twitch and YouTube by focusing on community interactions. It’s a great way to go about it!

The Future of Gaming

Immersion and interaction seem to be the main focus in regards to where the future of gaming is heading. VR will allow players to dive into worlds and interact with practically everything around them. Streaming platforms like Mixer are encouraging streamer and viewer interactions to make a community more responsive. We’re seeing industries pushing for people to come together and enjoy the environments being created. Personally, I think this is really great! The moment you sit down and take a controller into your hands, or rest your fingers on your keys, you enter the community of gamers, and as gamers, we should all support one another.

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