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First Live-Action Trailer Brings Life to ‘Ghost In The Shell’

The popular manga and 1995 anime series, Ghost in the Shell, is getting a live-action adaptation.

We finally get to see the popular Ghost in the Shell series come to life with the release of the first trailer (below). Starring Scarlet Johansson as “The Major”, the film adaptation promises a diversity of characters and CGI effects to bring the cyberpunk Section 9 to life on the silver screen.

While some fans are still conflicted over the apparent whitewashing issue with Johansson as the lead instead of a Japanese actress to pay homage to the original manga and anime adaptations, the cast seems to be the only problem. As fans are still hyped up for the brand and the effects shown off in the trailer. The producer Steven Paul has said that fans are, “going to end up being really happy with it” despite the controversy and that the film is more of a cultural adaptation, taking place in “an international world“.

The live-action Ghost in the Shell adaptation will hit theaters on March 31st 2017. In the meantime, check out some screenshots from the trailer below.
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