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Game of Thrones is nearly upon us once again. Season 7 promises viewers with a spectacle like no others, as the fate of The Realm is decided. Before season 7 debuts, let’s take the time for a recap of season 6 to see where the players in the Game of Thrones are.

Episode One: The Red Woman

In Winterfell, Sansa and Theon, who have just escaped Ramsay by a well-timed defection from the Greyjoy, must escape the Bolton men, who are hot on their trail. 

Over in Essos, two story lines are developing. Tyrion and Varys rule Meereen and Daenerys finds her way home. In Meereen, our dynamic duo starts off searching for the leader of the Sons of the Harpy. Before they can make any progress, they find bellowing smoke rising from the ships in the harbor that was the fleet meant to take the Targaryen across the narrows.

Things aren’t looking too good for Danny, as she is a bound prisoner of the Dothraki. A rather rude Khal informs her that the widows of Khals are to become a Dosh khaleen, which equates to a grandmother locked up at the sacred temple of Vaes Dothrak (the place where they don’t use swords).  

In Dorne, Ellaria and the Sand Snakes have a nice chat with Doran the King of Dorne about how fondly they remembered Oberyn. The maester brings a message of Myrcella’s death. This prompts the Sand Snakes to usurp him in order to serve the Lannisters revenge for murdering Oberyn family.

At the wall, Ser Davos finds Jon’s dead body and the Night’s Watch takes his corpse. The remaining loyal brothers in black follow Davos to a safe room. Alliser Thorne becomes the lord commander for leading the betrayal of Jon. Edd, who is Jon’s closest remaining friend, sneaks out of the room before Davos barricades it. Edd’s job is to rally the wildlings to rescue the men in the room while Ser Davos stalls for time.

Episode Two: Home

Back in King’s Landing, the viewer is presented with Myrcella’s Funeral, but Cersei is not able to attend. The young king has ordered his own mother to remain in the Red Keep due to the threat of the Sparrows arresting her again. Jamie has Tommen apologize to his mother. As the king leaves, The High Sparrow enters the room where Jamie confronts him until a death almost seems certain, yet the High Sparrow seems unfazed. The Faith’s Militant then reveals themselves and explains that if they choose to fight, many of them will die, but it wouldn’t really matter.

“Everyone of us is poor and powerless, and yet together we can overthrow an Empire.” – The High Sparrow.

In the North, Ramsay and Roose squabble about what they’re going to do now that they’ve lost Sansa. It’s at the time that the news of Roose’s wife has given birth to a baby boy, a child who has more rights to the Dreadfort than Ramsay. So Ramsay kills his father, Roose. The cover up: “he was poisoned by our enemies”. After which he proceeds to feed his step-mom and baby brother to the dogs.

At the Iron Islands, Theon’s sister Yara reads a letter to the King of the Iron Islands Balon, about how the last castle that the Ironborn held has been recaptured. Yara isn’t happy with the useless raids and fruitless rebellion, but the King shows little regard and leaves to continue with his business. As he crosses a rope bridge sturdy enough to hold a child, Balon is greeted by his younger crazy brother Euron GreyJoy. The young Greyjoy states that Balon has ruled for long enough and that a change in management is necessary. He ends up tossing Balon to his death.

Back at the wall, Alliser Thorne is about to siege and finish off Ser Davos and friends. At the last moment, Edd and the wildlings return to retake Castle Black from Alliser and his mutineers. Davos then visits Melisandre and asks if she can resurrect Jon Snow. After performing a ritual and saying the magic word, nothing happens. With defeat, everyone leaves the room, soon after Jon Snow awakes from the dead.

Episode Three: OathBreaker

Jon Snow back from the dead! He dawns his armor and cape and gets back to work, while everyone gawks at the sight, he then personally hangs those who betrayed him including Olly, the boy who killed Ygritte. After finishing, Jon passes his cloak to Edd making him the Lord Commander of Castle Black, making it official, ‘my watch has ended.’

Bran has another look into the past, this time to the Tower of Joy. A young Ned Stark and his companions approach the tower, guarded by two Targaryen Knights. After a brief dialog, a clash starts that leads to the one Targaryen knight left standing against Ned. Before the fight progresses any further, a fallen comrade of Ned’s stabs the knight in the back allowing for a not so noble victory for the most honorable man in Westeros. After the last Targaryen Knight falls, Ned rushes to the tower where a woman’s scream seems to be emanating from. Bran tries to follow Ned but is told that it is time to leave by the Three Eyed Raven. Before Bran leaves, Ned looks back as if he heard Bran before they depart.

In Braavos, a still blind Arya is beat senseless by the Waif. She has been allowed back to train inside the House Of Black and White. After taking more hits to the face than a boxer, Arya finally learns how to dodge and block a hit. At this point, Jaqen offers Arya her sight back if she tells him her name. She replies, “a girl has no name.” He then leads her to the well which contains water that has killed everyone who have drunk from it. He then offers the idea that if she is truly “no one” then there is nothing to fear. Arya then drinks from the well and has her sight restored.

In The North, The Umbers have also had a passing of a leader from to Smalljon. The young Smalljon Umber rides to Winterfell to greet the new Warden of the North with an alliance against Jon Snow and the Wildlings. Lord Umber has also brought Ramsey a gift, hoping for Sansa. Instead, Ramsay receives Rickon Stark, the youngest of the Stark children.

In Meereen, Tyrion and Varys find out that the previous slavers of Essos have been the ones funding the Son’s of the Harpy resistance.

Episode Four: Book of the Stranger

Back at the wall, Jon Snow packs his things to leave the Night’s Watch, when a heartfelt reunion of Jon and Sansa occurs. Jon receives a letter from the friendliest warden of the north. The letter contains an ultimatum. If Sansa is not returned, Ramsay will slaughter every wildling, let his men rape Sansa, and feed Rickon to his dogs. Tormund tells Jon there are only 2,000 wildings ready to fight verses Ramsay’s 5,000 men. Which means it’s up to Jon and Sansa to rally the houses of the north behind them to defeat the Boltons.

At Vaes, Dothrak Daenerys is sick of being pushed around by her Dothraki captors. In true Targaryen fashion, she goes all “mad king” and sets fire to the building that she was being detained in. She then walks out of the blaze as a messiah figure as the Dothraki bow down before her. 

Episode Five: The Door

In this episode, a crushing blow to some, the most innocent and dearest of characters is taken away from us, Hodor, the beloved gentle giant, gives his life to save Bran and Meera. An army of White Walkers and the undead of the north attack the cave of the Three Eyed Raven. In a flashback, it’s revealed that the White Walkers were created by the children of the forest to protect them from mankind.

Next, at the Iron Island, Theon returns and supports his sisters’ claim over the Salt Throne, only to have his uncle Euron win the election. As the ruler of the Iron Isle is confirmed, Theon and Yara sail away with the entire Ironborn fleet. Euron now, more than ever, desires to murder his meddling siblings.

In Essos, Ser Jorah informs Danny that he has ‘greyscale’ and will eventually become a rock monster if left untreated. She promptly rewards him by giving him a quest to find a cure. While in Meereen, Tyrion and Varys make an alliance with a new red lady who is also a servant of the Lord of Light.

That wraps up the first five episodes in season six of Game of Thrones. Stay tuned for our part two of the remaining sixth season. Season seven begins Sunday, July 16 and will only be seven episodes long.

Be sure to tune into HBO every Sunday at 9PM Pacific Time!

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