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Let’s recap the Game of Thrones episodes in season six beginning with episode six. In case you missed it, read the recap for Part One episodes 1-5.

Episode Six: Blood of my Blood

Uncle Benjen comes to the rescue saving Bran and Meera from the undead of the North. He agrees to take them back to the wall but can go no further south.

Samwell Tarly has been on a trip with Gilly and her baby back to see his family. From the moment he returns home, things are uneasy. Randyll Tarly gets red hot as it’s apparent that Sam has brought back a wildling with him. After the awkward dinner, he takes Gilly, the baby, and the family sword, which happens to be made from Valyrian steel and great for fighting White Walkers.

Arya leaves the house of Black and White after failing another assassination. This time by her own choice but after deeming the target to be just an innocent actor. 

Danny leads the remaining Dothraki from Vaes Dothrak and asks them to be her bloodriders and take Westeros.

Back in King’s Landing, Jaime Lannister and Mace Tyrell lead the Tyrell army through the streets to the Great Sept. Here, the Faith’s militant along with the High Sparrow are planning Margaery’s walk of atonement. Jaime makes a demand for the Tyrell children. The High Sparrow claims that no walk of atonement will be necessary as it has been completed by converting King Tommen to the faith. Jaime is a tad disappointed that he doesn’t get to kill the Sparrow today, but what was once a small issue has now grown into a serious threat to these two houses.

Episode Seven: The Broken Man

The Hound is quite alive after being nursed back to health by a religious community due to his near fatal duel with Lady Brienne of Tarth. He seems happy for a moment until a marauding group of bandits slaughtered the village while he was out doing his part for his newfound community.

We briefly see Arya in Braavos trying to leave for Westeros when a seemingly innocent old woman bumps into the young Stark. The old timer reveals her true identity as the Waif and stabs Arya in the stomach, wounding her but not killing.

In this Episode, Lyanna, the ten-year old head of House Mormont, makes her debut. Initially, she is weary about helping Ned’s bastard and a Stark women, but Ser Davos steps in to quell the feisty child and eventually persuades her and her house to join Jon’s fight against the Boltons.

Episode Eight: No One

Arya is bleeding profusely when she arrives at the home of the actor whom she was originally intended to assassinate. The oblivious talented actor also knows how to stitch up a wound and assists Arya. It is not too long before the Waif finds the residence and finishes the job Arya was assigned. This leads to a chase across Braavos with incredible acrobatic finesse. At the end of the chase, Arya limps her way into a small dark room lit by a candle and draws a needle preparing for a fight. As the Waif enters the room, the viewer gets to see Arya strike the candle, rendering both of them blind. Arya then delivers the bloody head of the Waif to the House of Black and White and tells Jaqueen that she’s going home.

The Hound is on the prowl for those who killed his community. He finds the Brotherhood without Banners, lead by Beric, the one eyed guy who just won’t come die, and Thoros, the guy who revives Beric. The last time they met was a fight with Beric in a trial by combat which led to another resurrection for Beric. The Brotherhood has already captured the renegades and as retribution allows the Hound to kill them. They make the proposition that he join the Brotherhood to go north and fight in the great war.

Back in King’s Landing, Cersei is still awaiting her trial when the Faith’s Militant arrive at the Red Keep armed to take the queen to the High Sparrow. Cersei declines the invitation and instead has the Mountain rip the heads off of religious members. Suddenly, the rest lost the appetite for violence. King Tommen punishes his mother by setting a date for the trial, declaring that trials by combat are no longer an option.

Episode Nine: The Battle of the Bastards

This episode starts with a brief scene of Daenerys and Tyrion in Meereen on how to deal with the slaver invasion. The Targaryen Queen wishes to destroy all who oppose her while Tyrion wishes to negotiate a peace agreement. As the peace talks commence, Darrio rides in with the Dothraki and begins turning the tide against the slavers.

Theon and Yara GreyJoy arrive in Meereen. They are quick to make an alliance with the mother of dragons to use the Ironborn fleet in exchange for power over the Iron Isle.

In the North, Jon Snow is facing Ramsay Bolton outside the walls of Winterfell. Ramsay has a larger army, but Jon is determined to stop his reign of terror to save his half brother. Ramsay immediately tricks Jon and kills Rickon in one fell swoop. Things end up looking quite grim for the wildlings and the rest of the north until Little Finger and the Knights of the Veil come to the rescue. This allows for Jon to defeat Ramsay, while Sansa pursues to feed the Bolton to his own dogs, a taste of his own medicine.

Episode Ten: The Winds of Winter

As Faith’s militant and leader wait patiently for the queen to arrive for her trial, Margery begins to sense that something is afoot. Just as the High Sparrow settles the crowd down, Cersei’s plan to detonate the stash of wildfire at the bottom of the Great Sept unfolds. She kills everyone in a fiery blast. In one fell swoop, he killed Grand Maester Pycelle, Margaery, Mace, Loras Tyrell, and Kevan Lannister. Struck by what happened, King Tommen relieves himself of his duty by way of suicide via plunging to his death from the Red Keep. Cersei is unfazed as she already had her future predicted. Cersei goes all “mad queen” on the sister who tortured her to then become the official queen.

Davos and Jon question Melisandre to determine what exactly compelled her of her actions towards Stannis’ daughter, Shireen. She convinced him to burn his own daughter at the stake for the sake of the Lord of Light. Jon exiles her. After a convincing speech from the head Lord of the North, they rally behind Jon Snow as the true king of the north begins despite him being a bastard.

Arya is still able to conjur the ability to wear many faces, using her new skill she kills Walder Frey. The Red Wedding anyone? Revenge is dish best served cold, via serving Frey a pie filled with his own children.

The big reveal in this episode is the discovery of Jon’s parents. Through the eyes of Bran in his flashbacks, viewers learn that his mother is, in fact, Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark. 

Grandmother Tyrell, after losing her family at the hands of Cersei, forms an alliance with Dorne to seek revenge against the Lannisters.

The final scene of this season shows Dany and her dragons finally departing from Essos heading to Westeros.

That about wraps up all of the major points that happened in season six of Game of Thrones. The next season begins, tonight, Sunday July 16 and will only be seven episodes long.

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