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At the disbelief of many, former ‘Voice’ contestant Christina Grimmie passed away at the age of 22. She was shot while signing autographs after a show in Orlando, FL late Friday night. Held in critical condition for a while, reports later confirmed she had succumbed to her injuries.

While Grimmie was most well known for her singing, she was so much more to the gaming community. She was an avid gamer, Zelda fan, cosplayer, streamerYouTuber, activist and above all else, a genuinely good person who was a friend to all.

Christina Grimmie glances to a character selection screen behind her in a selfie

Christina Grimmie about to play Smash

Christina Grimmie not only played games, but she truly embraced gaming culture. She was practically obsessed with The Legend Of Zelda, choosing the name zeldaxlove64 for YouTube back in 2009. She played mostly mid and ADC in League of Legends. She was part of the Smash community and she loved Ness. She streamed on Twitch. She cosplayed as Ahri from LoL at the most recent Summoners Con in November. She was shameless with her passion and was an inspiration to so many people to do what they loved.

I was fortunate enough to have known her and I write this from a very personal space. We were playing League once and she was playing Jinx. Our entire team was yelling and laughing hysterically and having a ton of fun in that game. That’s the type of person she was. She was all-in with what she cared about; be it her singing, her gaming or anything else.

She may not be with us anymore but the memories she gave to her family and friends will live on. Her music will live on. Her goodness that she put into the world will surely live on.

Our thoughts go out to Christina Grimmie’s friends and family in this time of tragedy.

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