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With the recent release and success of Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 novel, IT, it comes as no surprise New Line Cinema plans to move forward with a sequel.

Gary Dauberman is now officially set to return to Derry, Maine and provide the screenplay for IT: Chapter Two.

Dauberman has written Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, and The Nun for New Line Cinema’s Conjuring universe. IT was initially written by Chase Palmer and Cary Fukunaga under Fukunaga’s direction. Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) left the film as director due to creative differences but his name remained attached to IT as a writer. Andy Muschietti later signed on to direct the film. Gary Dauberman was then brought in to rework the Palmer and Fukunaga script to better fit Muschietti’s vision.

Andy Muschietti on the set of IT

Andy Muschietti is expected to return to direct IT: Chapter Two, as well as Seth Grahame-Smith, Barbara Muschietti, David Katzenberg, Roy Lee and Dan Lin as producers.

IT: Chapter Two is currently in development, but does not yet have an official release date. Andy Muschietti’s IT is now in theaters. The film dominated the box office earning $123 million domestically and $185 million worldwide its opening weekend, making it the most successful horror opening in film history.

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