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Get the Popcorn: 'Alien: Covenant' [Review + Spoilers]
7.6Overall Score
Characters 6.5

One wrong note eventually ruins the entire symphony.

I saw Alien: Covenant the night it premiered in an IMAX theater.

Everyone buzzed about the hype. But a lot of the excitement everyone had just bled out during the movie. In my opinion, here’s why.

Warning: If you continue reading, you will encounter spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Captain Oram’s Reasoning

Alien Covenant Captain Oram

We all know that Oram wanted his crew to listen to him and to like him as much as their now-deceased captain. The captain died in a pod fire after a neutrino burst.

So when a mysterious planet just like Earth is only one week away, rather than seven years away, he thinks it’s a good idea to abort their pre-trained mission and essentially YOLO it to this new world. As someone who is striving to be an astronaut in the future, I wanted to scream.

If something had happened that caused the pods to stop working, or another serious factor that would mean needing to head to a closer planet as an emergency, then sure. Do it.

But doing it just because you’re trying to get approval by making a discovery? What the heck?

Let’s Explore with No Spacesuits

Alien Covenant Team without Space Suits

According to Mother, the spacecraft, this mysterious world’s atmosphere will allow for humans to thrive without the need of a suit. However, that doesn’t mean we should go to a random planet with no proper environmental preparation just because we think it has breathable air.

The consequences? Mysterious plant spores carrying the infected gene get into two crew members’ bodies, and they die a brutal death from alien birth.

Cracked David

David in Alien Covenant

In Prometheus, the film introduces viewers to David, an AI who seemed strangely human. He makes his return in Alien: Covenant as the savior of the group when a little alien was coming after them. However, we later learn that David has a fascination with creating life and thus views himself as the creator of the aliens.

Due to this, he has no regard for the life of the human crew who has visited his planet. And instead, David uses them as a means to birth more aliens. Pretty intense stuff.


Alien: Covenant is a good movie for those who love the Alien series. My qualm with the film is this – all of the tragedies, aside from losing the original captain in the pod fire, should not have occurred. But like any horror plot, acting in a reasonable manner would lead to no conflict for the story.

But, if you like action and creepy aliens bursting from human bodies, then you’ll definitely like this installment!

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