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Halloween is next Monday and what better way to get ready for this spooky event than with some haunted shows and movies!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack and Sally with the Nightmare before Christmas Logo

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a definite Halloween classic. I’m sure many of you have heard of it or have even watch it before! The movie follows Jack, the skeleton king, and his struggle with wanting something more out of his life as he grows tired of always doing the same thing every year. Since he lives in Halloween Town their primary mission every day throughout the year is to prepare for Halloween, always.

On one of his walks to think and clear his head Jack ends up stumbling across a clearing in the forest with holiday symbols spread across the trees. Suddenly he finds himself lost in the town of Christmas and becomes fascinated with the holiday. He attempts to bring Christmas to Halloween Town! Only to cause problems not only in his world but in ours as well.


Stranger Things

Officer Hopper and Joyce Meyer

Stranger Things is a newer SCI-FI Netflix Original series that quickly became popular due to its awesome plot and spooky events. Will Byers goes missing one night and a strange girl shows up the next day. From there, things start getting weirder and weirder as we eventually learn about the Upside Down. A Silent Hill-like place where Will was taken. Very haunted Halloween-like. The mystery girl, whose name we find out is Eleven, both aids and hinders Will’s friends in their search to find him.

American Horror Story

AHS Logo

American Horror Story has always been a go to if you want something spooky. It’s currently showing season 6. If you like more grisly and haunted style movies/shows, American Horror Story should be your Halloween show of choice.  This season is somewhat centering around an actual historical event, but with all of the typical creepiness and spookiness that AHS is known for. Once again the main characters are living in a haunted house and once again they face a ghost problem! But this time these ghosts are more vicious than those that exist in Season 1: Murder House.

Soul Eater


Love anime? Then Soul Eater is aa show you should definitely check out. It takes place at the Death Weapon Meister Academy where there are weapon meisters and weapons. However, the weapons are actual people than can transform into usable weapons. The Dean of the school is a Shinigami (Death Spirit) who is simply called Death. The goal of the meisters is to have their weapons defeat and absorb 99 Keishin souls and one witch soul to increase their power.
Don’t just think the spirit is just on television, look at all the Halloween changes in the gaming world!

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