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“The biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net, I’d catch only beautiful things.” – OA

The OA is another Netflix Original Series that captures your attention and refuses to let it go. If you need a great show to watch as school starts back up or to get hooked on, this is for you.


One day a YouTube video was published of a blonde woman jumping off a bridge. No one knew who she was until a family friend called and told her mother to check out the video as soon as possible. Prairie was blind when her family adopted her and still blind when she went missing for seven years. But when her parents visited her at the hospital they realized this was no longer the case.

Prairie returns home with her mother and father where she’s welcomed back by the town. Everyone wants to know what happened but refuses to share her story except with a select few. Jesse, Steve, Buck, French, and BBA begin meeting up every night at an abandoned house which soon becomes their safe haven.

Without giving too much away, Prairie opens up about the last seven years that have passed. We learn that she was held captive for the sake of science. Enter NDE (Near Death Experience), an experience Prairie had when she was a little girl. The experiments and people she met during her captive time, changed her and brought her knowledge about who she is.

While sharing this tale with her new friends during their nightly midnight meet-ups, Prairie brings them closer together. They all grow in character and learn what it is to be able to trust someone. All the while Prairie tries to reach her lost friends and loved one in another dimension.

The Cast


  • Brit Marling: Prairie Johnson / The OA
  • Emory Cohen: Homer Roberts
  • Scott Wilson: Abel Johnson
  • Phyllis Smith: Elizabeth “Betty” Broderick-Allen
  • Alice Krige: Nancy Johnson
  • Patrick Gibson: Steve Winchell
  • Brendan Meyer: Jesse
  • Brandon Perea: Alfonso “French” Sosa
  • Ian Alexander: Buck Vu
  • Jason Isaacs: Dr. Hunter Aloysius “Hap” Percy




The season finale for The OA left us with many questions left unanswered. In which many are calling for a season 2 in order to set things straight. Here are some of the mind-boggling questions that need answers.

Was OA’s story actually true?

At the end of the season, French discovers a collection of novels under Prairie’s bed that could pass as inspiration of Prairie’s crazy story. Thus possibly rendering it untrue. Note: Prairie actually enrolled in a creative writing course when her family takes her away from her hometown. Implying that she enjoys making stories and could hint that her own was 100 percent pretend. Probably as a means of coping with the trauma she went through when she ran away. But if her story was false, then what was her actual trauma?

In search for answers, the group head to the internet to find evidence as to whether or not Prairie’s story was real. Considering they just went on this story-telling journey with the OA, their search for answers were crucial. During their search for evidence, they discover a video who we know to be the OA but to them it’s unclear, could it be Prairie? This was the scene of her playing the violin in the subway in New York City, this was the initial reason for her disappearance. She ran away to search for her biological father and during this trip is when she was introduced to Hap.

The violin being her only means of signaling her long-lost biological father, because of her blindness, she would never be able to see her father. Hap, fascinated by Prairie’s ability to play, comes along. And the OA’s journey takes off from here.

Back to her fellow friends/believers, they come across an article about the bus crash where Prairie supposedly died long enough to encounter her first NDE, when she was a little girl in Russia. But there is little evidence about the other “OA’s” from her story. There is a video of her love interest, Homer and his NDE but that’s about it.

When the OA returned home for the first time, her own search began. Her yearning and concern she has for Homer could be the only reason we need to believe that her past is true. Which would explain when she first arrives back home after her seven year hiatus, she tries to find a way to contact him. Maybe to prove to herself that she didn’t make him up. If Homer is real, then her story would be real as well.

Book found in OA's roomGoing back to the books under her bed: I personally don’t believe those were her novels. They seemed new and untouched and were still in the Amazon box – a set up. Also, the FBI agent who was acting as her therapist just happened to be in the house when French found the novels. It seems something else was going on and the FBI agent (Elias Rahim) planted the novels for someone to find. Although the reason why he would do so remains a mystery, is there something bigger happening and the government could possibly be hiding?

This Reddit thread poses a great argument in favor of OA’s story being true. I’d recommend checking it out!

Why would Elias want to discredit OA?

There’s not much information about Elias’ intentions towards Prairie. But we do know that he has no trouble lying. He lies to Prairie’s parents (we think it’s on her behalf) and then to French. When they ask him about Prairie, he even calls Prairie by OA, which implies that he knows more than he’s letting on.

It could be possible that Elias doesn’t want people learning about the movements/abilities/angels in OA’s story. Could he possibly be someone who was in connection with Hap? Is it his mission to discredit OA? Or maybe he planted the books just to discredit her story enough that her and her family could move on from her trauma easier? So many questions!

Why did French see Homer’s face in the mirror? 

Homer in French's reflection

At the end of the season, we catch a glimpse of Homer in French’s reflection (seen on the right). There’s no solid evidence as to why this is, but I have a theory.

According to OA, the group she was in captivity with is no longer in this dimension. The reflection of Homer could have been a sign that he is staying close to OA and her friends in the other dimension.

A Reddit user brings up the idea that when Homer appeared in the mirror, it was after he had taken a shower at the hotel where he was to lure Renata. The wound on his head and the fact that he’s shirtless supports this idea. This would also imply that the present dimension’s rules aren’t being followed, thus Homer is in another dimension.

Overall, this was a brief summar of the OA. It is an awesome show and will certainly make you want more. It is currently streaming on Netflix. No word of Season 2 yet but hopefully it comes in the near future.

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