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Get the Popcorn – AJIN: Demi-Human (亜人)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to never die? To be able to go through extreme physical circumstances and still come out on top? How about being able to stun your enemies so they can’t make a move after you?

AJIN: Demi-Human (亜人) is this week’s Get the Popcorn featured show. For all of our anime lovers or those who find demi-human shows awesome, then AJIN should be added to your watch-list.


Some humans have an amazing regenerative ability in which case they cannot die after being killed. Some use these super humans as war machines, while others try to live out a normal life without being discovered. The only way someone is able to tell if someone is a demi-human is to watch them die and come back to life good as new.
Computer screen with test subject information

Governments are trying to figure out how these types of people end up being the way they are, and how they could exploit them. Many AJIN are unknown due to maintaining normal lives that don’t have considerable danger which could potentially expose them.

As tensions rise between the government and AJIN, some flee for their lives while others ban together to take down one another. So begins a power struggle for survival.


  • Kei Nagai: Your academically driven student who only wishes to become an upstanding citizen. That is until he gets hit by a car and discovers that he’s an AJIN.
  • Kaito: A childhood friend of Kei who tries to help him escape from the authorities.
  • Mr. Sato: A bloodthirsty AJIN with a twisted sense of justice.
  • Yū Tosaki: Extremely driven and cold hearted government official who will do anything it takes to get what he wants.
  • Izumi Shimomura: An AJIN who works alongside Toaski as his bodyguard.
  • Kō Nakano: A kid AJIN about the same age as Kei Nagai who plans to take down and stop Sato.

Film Trilogy and Upcoming Seasons

Man pointing a gun at an enemy

AJIN already has been produced in the form of three movies which are available for viewing.

Since the anime is based on the manga written by Gamon Sakurai, it’s expected to have several seasons.

After the action packed season one, AJIN has been confirmed for a second! As of right now only the Japan release date, October 7, 2016, is known. Hopefully, we will hear more news in the near future regarding the USA release.


A major point that hit home in the anime was:

  • People just don’t care: When Sato tried to start a revolt, people really only cared for about a day and then didn’t care about it. The only ones who showed interest were AJIN themselves, seeing as it really only affects them. Kei also displays that kind of mentality about how there’s no point in helping strangers since it doesn’t affect him. The only time the public started paying more attention to Sato’s claim were when he actually acted it out.

AJIN: Demi-Human (亜人) is honestly one of my favorite anime’s I’ve seen as of late. The animation style took a little bit of getting used to, but overall it’s a pretty awesome show. Watching Kei’s strange personality through the show was definitely interesting. I plan to check out the films when I find the time to.

See you all next week with another Get the Popcorn!



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