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Get your chef coats on – it’s another season of Hell’s Kitchen! Its 17th-season debut ran on Sept. 29.

As an aspiring chef and someone who has worked off and on from restaurants over the years, I just love these types of shows. A huge fan.

Hell’s Kitchen
has Gordon Ramsay serving up another season, who I consider to be the best celebrity chef in the world.

Whether you like tuning in for Ramsay’s meme-worthy insults (e.g., IT’S RAW!) or you appreciate the hard work it takes to be part of a cooking line, Hell’s Kitchen has persisted as a show for a good reason. Love it or hate it, another helping is coming your way.

Hell's Kitchen

Sixteen Chefs Return

Hell’s Kitchen opted for a special twist this season. They brought back 16 chefs over the years for a second shot at victory.

Some fan-favorite contestants return for another go at chasing their culinary dreams.

I have watched a lot of Hell’s Kitchen for a long time now, so it was nice to recognize a lot of familiar faces. The debut episode served mostly as an intro to remind you of who these contestants were. Granted, I admit a few selections had me scratching my head, struggling to remember their impact (or lack of impact in their season to be clear).

Nevertheless, I like the gimmick of the season. It is different, though I would have preferred a real all-star showdown comprised of past first-place winners. At face value, some of these chefs made the cut due to their “personalities” (especially their ability to stir up drama) rather than actual cooking ability.

Either way, as a whole, the entire roster should be interesting.

Hell's Kitchen

The Same Menu Item from Before

The all-star gimmick aside, I still expect the same ol’ recipe from seasons past. How many more times will we see rubber scallops, inedible risotto or Ramsay’s signature Beef Wellington dish ruined? Fans of Hell’s Kitchen just anticipate all of these mistakes and then some.

For anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen before, conflict is natural. Personalities clash. Pressure builds up. One aspect I always enjoy is watching these chefs to receive inspiration (yes, inspiration) when they can perform in the most difficult circumstances and produce stunning food.

I know there are plenty of fans who watch for the meltdowns and Ramsay confrontations, but I also relish the triumphs of the chefs when they shine. Cooking in a fast-paced kitchen is an art form. It’s a real passion that a lot of people don’t appreciate.

To order and eat food is one thing, but to cook it well for your guests is another.

Regardless, count me in for this Hell’s Kitchen season. I am hungry for a cooking competition to sate my culinary entertainment.

Images are © HELL’S KITCHEN.

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