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These days, there are SO MANY shows to consider watching, especially when it comes to Netflix. With so many potential shows vying for your attention, it’s difficult to decide. Ideally, you want to find something worthwhile that gives you more value for your entertainment fix. Black Mirror is such a show you should consider.

Exploring Technology

Basically, Black Mirror explores the premise of advanced technology in society. But more importantly, it shows the consequences of such tech. The neat part of this show is how each episode is a standalone story outlining a different piece of technology.

For instance, there is an episode where everyone in the world can “store” their memories through memory implants. The implants constantly record everything people see and hear.
Black Mirror

They can then access those memories at any point themselves (rewinding, pausing and so forth) for random uses. Not only that, they can share those memories with others on a television screen.

At the very least, these are neat sci-fi ideas. But is it that far off? Our world is changing, and technology is improving by so much.

What if the world would end up like this if such technology existed? And what would be the potential cons of such devices if they were such a large part of our everyday lives?

Ultimately, the one thing I enjoy about this show is how it gets those gears in your head spinning. You really start thinking. Black Mirror is a “smart” show in many regards.

Season Four is Out

First off, do not fear if you have not started watching yet.

Each season only has a handful of episodes. Personally, I like how this series chose for a quality-over-quantity approach with its setup. With each standalone episode, you can just focus on that given story. You can just dissect an individual episode for what it is.

However, some episodes are pretty gruesome/chilling in their own ways. Still, I highly recommend the show. I can see why Black Mirror is so special. It’s not too late to see the craze yourself. Kick off 2018 right when it comes to your next Netflix binge.

Black Mirror is a Netflix Original Series by Charlie Brooker.

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