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The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has announced the Nebula Award will include video game writing starting in 2018.

What Are the Nebula Awards?

Cat Rambo, President of SFWA

Founded in 1965, Lloyd Biggle Jr. proposed the idea of an annual anthology which would contain the best stories of the year. This one idea launched the group known as SFWA, an organization made up of professionally published writers. The president of SFWA has explained that professional means an author has made over $3,000 from a single book in the Science Fiction or Fantasy genres.

The annual contest covers a number of different categories and nominees attend a banquet in the spring. Each winning piece and select runners-up are published in that year’s anthology.

Earlier this week, GeekWire published news that SFWA President Cat Rambo is including a new category for Best Game Writing.

What The Nebula Award Means for Gamers

Game writing is now being seen as a legitimate profession in the publishing world, and the industry is starting to recognize the work and talent game writers bring to game projects.

Thus far, individuals in the gaming industry have only received awards like The Streamys, The Game Awards, Esports Industry Awards, and Game Developer Choice Awards. Often, these creators don’t receive the credit they deserve. A game writing category under the Nebula Awards illustrates that brilliant stories are being told through other mediums.

In the gaming industry, storytellers take players on unexpected and fascinating journeys. Games allow players to critically think about the world through different perspectives that are driven by narrative actions. Pushing players to make decisions in situations that they would never be in creates a sense of realism, because the players control the outcomes.

Here are some examples of games that emotionally and morally challenge players:

  • That Dragon Cancer
  • Life is Strange
  • Uncharted IV: A Thief’s End
  • The Last of Us
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  • Final Fantasy VII

Final Thoughts

The new category for the Nebula Awards gives the impression that game writing is important because of their themes. Game writers are able to win a highly prestigious award beginning next year as a result of SFWA’s decision.

Keep an eye on the SFWA website for more information about the Nebula Awards, then share your thoughts about it in Discord.

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