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Not sure what to get for the members of your holiday shopping list this year? Then check out these awesome gifts that are sure to make an impression. If you’re ever at a loss for finding something, always check out Etsy, ThinkGeek, or Jinx.

Gifts for the Unorganized

Wooden Docking Statioetsy1n

Do they always seem to be losing things or have a scattered desk? Then a docking station will make a wonderful gift. GretaOtoDesign on Etsy makes amazing docking stations that won’t make your wallet cry this holiday season. Currently, they offer 66 different types, each under $30 USD before shipping. Some can be personalized as well with text, so you can throw on a geeky saying if you’d like.


Harry Potter Journals

Writing things down is one of the most efficient ways to keep track of things, including your thoughts. Whether or not it’s simple notes or needing to journal something down about your day. Thankfully ThinkGeek offers some awesome journals for a decent price. These Harry Potter notes are available for $29.99.



Desk Fridge

It’s always a pain getting up to grab something from the fridge. Especially for those whose fridges look like a tornado struck inside of it. Thankfully, this little fridge can never get messy as an actual sized one. ThinkGeek offers this desk fridge that can hold one can of soda for one payment of $19.99. It’s a pretty sweet deal, especially for those who tend to be lazy and complain about not having something to drink right next to them.

Gifts for the Chilly

Have a geeky friend who is always cold? Then BootsTees is an Etsy shop you should check out. They offer a variety of hoodies for everyone.


Fantastic Beasts MACUSA Pin

Fantastic Beasts MACUSA Pin

ThinkGeek is always staying on top of the latest trends like this Fantastic Beasts necklace. Thus, you can wear the seal that represents the American wizarding world as a pin, or a necklace! Available for $14.99.



The Ring to Rule them AllLord of the Rings ring of power

Just don’t go crazy wearing this. Pls. Available for $99.99 at ThinkGeek.



Gifts for Art Lovers

BTS Design offers some simplistic yet beautiful pieces of artwork any art lover is sure to adore.

SagittariusGallery puts a fun spin on the classic painting, Starry Night. Using it as a means to create some beautiful contemporary pop art.

Gifts for Gamers

Pokemon sun and Pokemon moonPokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon 

The newest installment in the Pokemon series. Pokemon Sun and Moon takes place in the Aloha region (Hawaii). Available on 3DS for $39.99.


The Last Guardian- For the Gamergame2

“Facing unknown dangers in a strange and mystical land, an ordinary young boy and his gigantic feathered friend must rely on each other to survive in this harrowing story of friendship and trust.” – PlayStation

Available on PS4 for $59.99.


Dishonored 2Dishonored 2 – For the Gamer


Dishonored 2 has received some outstanding ratings upon its release. Game Informer presented Dishonored 2 with a 9.25/10. Any gamer who is looking for an intense and strategic game should get around to playing this one. Available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for $59.99.


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