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Yes, you read that right. Netflix expands its horizons by adding a new animated Castlevania series that comes out on July 7 this summer!

Castlevania and TV

The game series has had some renditions starting from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which attracts a cult following with ease. In fact, the original games were so challenging that many people did not even finish the game!Castlevania

One of them in particular, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, required you to go through the whole game to kill Dracula. However, you only discover that this is just the halfway point. You need to play through an upside-down castle after that! UGH. It was a daunting task in an age where there were no autosaves or infinite lives.

Even still, the game built up a following to earn its place in video gaming history. But, it also helped to pioneer the game tag of “Metroidvania.” This term indicated that a game is an action-adventure that sports large worlds and teleporting abilities.

Castlevania also has a few songs that stand the test of time (at least for me). Songs like “Marble Gallery” and “Lost Paintings,” both from Symphony of the Night, are favorites, but I digress.

As a TV series for Netflix, they chose to go the route of animation, which is appropriate. It fits the general motif of the game series and would reflect many of the same thoughts – to kill Dracula. Again.

Other InformationWarren Ellis

It is with great honor that the series has backing from the amazing Warren Ellis. This is a man who is a comic book genius, producing content like Transmetropolitan (arguably my one only and favorite comic book series on the planet), Fell, Ministry of Space and Planetary.

He is also a prolific author of Gun Machine, a New York Times Bestseller, and Crooked Little Vein. On top of all of that, Warren Ellis wrote the book Red. For those of you who saw the movie, yes, it’s the same one!

With all of Warren Ellis’ merits alone, the new Castlevania TV series is going to be fantastic.

That said, the previous statement is purely subjective. I would love to start a dialogue about it, though! Hop into our Discord to start a discussion. How excited are you for this? Are you nervous? Let us know!

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