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Death Note is getting an exclusive, live-adaption movie on Netflix. A new trailer came out to tease one of the most popular manga and anime titles out there in existence. Directed by Adam Wingard (Blair Witch), the film will be available for streaming on August 25 later this year.

Of course, there is a huge emphasis on the adaption portion for this film. Fans of Death Note have to remember that this is a reimagining of the original series. For one thing, the story takes place in America as opposed to Japan. The protagonist from the source material, Light Yagami, is now named Light Turner.

Nat Wolff

Nat Wolff and the original protagonist – Light Yagami. Source.

Starring Nat Wolff (The Fault in Our Stars) as Light Turner, his character discovers a mysterious notebook called the Death Note. With this in hand, he can kill people by writing their names on its pages. As you would guess, this extraordinary “gift” comes with a lot of twisted aspects. Such an ability would drive anyone mad with power…

Not Writing This One Off Just Yet (Opinion)

First off, I have to throw out there about how much I loved the Death Note anime. And I also read some of the manga. Once you get really into the story, it was an addicting experience from start to finish. I totally binge-watched the show in one sitting.

But with that said, this first trailer for the Netflix version does not excite me. At least, at face value.

The trailer comes off as too generic, almost playing it way too safe. Honestly, there is not anything different or unique I have not seen in other trailers just like it.

There are plenty of trailers depicting dark undertones. So what makes this particular one special? If this did not carry the Death Note moniker, I would have overlooked this teaser altogether – 100 percent for sure.

Part of me just worries the movie will bank too much on the name of the intellectual property to draw in viewers.

Also, as an Asian American, I dislike the film’s choice to whitewash Light Yagami’s character. But I do not want to pass judgment on Wolff’s depiction of Light (Turner) just yet. It would be unfair to him as a potential viewer.

Perhaps Light Turner may, in fact, be just as memorable, if not better! We will see. Still, part of me wonders why they did just cast an Asian person as the lead – regardless if the story takes place in America or not.

Nonetheless, by the time August 25 rolls around, I will most likely give the movie a shot. Perhaps it will exceed all expectations and be totally KILLER, after all. Fingers crossed.

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