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Blizzard’s holiday comic for Overwatch titled “Reflections” has caught headway as a trending topic since its release. Not only does the comic show what the majority of our favorite heroes are up to around the holidays, it also revealed some important information about a particular speedy time-traveler, Tracer.

Tracer is Queer and Why That’s A Good Thing

The recent revelation in “Reflections” showed us that Tracer is officially a LGBTQ+ character. Blizzard making their poster child for Overwatch means a lot for the community and inclusiveness of LGBTQ+ characters. The LGBTQ+ community can use any queer idols and for Overwatch to make Tracer such an idol means a lot to those who identify outside of the norm and will hopefully open the door for other developers to do the same with their characters.

Michael Chu, Senior Game Designer on Overwatch, made the point that they wanted this to be an organic process, that they wanted to find a way for it to be revealed naturally and make it part of the unfolding story.

Blizzard has made it a point to make Overwatch a game that features diversity, and LGBTQ+ characters are no exception. Not only did they state this before that LGBTQ+ characters were going to be a part of the cast, they made sure not to make Tracer the token queer character and they should be releasing more. With that info and the way they announced her sexual orientation, Blizzard is making it feel like LGBTQ+ are that social norm and are doing a good job of not throwing it in people’s faces.

It’s difficult, because we don’t want to just be weirdly heavy-handed with this. We have comics and a bunch of other media to show this. We don’t want to force something in the game that is just going to feel like it’s in people’s face. We don’t want people to be like, “This just doesn’t make sense.”

Making something like this feel like it’s normal is a wide gap to breach but Blizzard is definitely doing its part to make that gap smaller. It’s great to see that a company is willing to do this despite knowing there will be some backlash and as stated earlier, hopefully other developers will follow suit.

Personal Thoughts

Much of the fanbase (and myself) are very excited about Tracer being revealed as a queer character. It’s very heart-warming to see this type of relationship presented in a normal everyday way. Hopefully, we can get this sort of character details seen as more normal is very significant in general for the community and the industry, as it would be helpful for LGBTQ+ representation down the road.

This is also the first of the LGBTQ+ characters as Blizzard has said that there would be multiple characters. It’ll be just as exciting to see who else is LGBTQ+ as there are more comics released while we explore the characters backstories. But for now, we get to enjoy the fact that Tracer and Emily are a thing and were shown just in time for an adorable holiday story.

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