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Often times, I feel like my shtick as a writer for EloTalk is being overtly (and occasionally hilariously) critical of the different types of media I consume. I also feel strongly about giving credit where credit is due, however, and in that spirit, I’ve decided to document my attempts to wade through the sheer volume of comics that the industry produces to showcase some of the real gems that world has to offer.

With that in mind, I’ve been following Kim & Kim’s creator on twitter for many months now, and have eagerly awaited its arrival (including, but not limited to several laughably premature trips to comic stores in an effort to find it before it was actually available) and I’m tremendously pleased to say that my hype was not misplaced.

The book’s publisher, Black Mask Studios, describes the comic as “A day-glo action adventure bursting with energy and enthusiasm” and  “a bright, happy, punk rock sci-fi adventure that is queer as shit.”

Now, admittedly that makes the book sound like it was intended for a very niche audience, but I assure you the comic’s quirky characters and smart dialogue more than deliver on the publisher’s promise of energy and enthusiasm – and I don’t think I’ve ever walked in and out of a comic store so quickly – or satisfied with a purchase.

The story follows a pair of totally badass ladies named Kim and follows their attempts to navigate the daily hazards of life in the world of “high stakes interdimensional bounty hunting” which is exactly as awesome as it sounds. The first issue is loud, stylistic, and is more than willing to grab you around the middle and pile-drive you straight into the action.

Kim & Kim prominently features queer and transgender characters and is unlike anything I’ve pulled off a shelf in recent memory. To get a 5-page preview of the comic, check it out here.

TLDR: I love Kim & Kim. It’s a big, neon pink billboard that practically screams “FUCK YOU” with all the glory and power that image elicits.


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