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Review: The Resurrection of Jake the Snake
Well ToldGreat depiction of strugglesNo sugar coating of issuesGreat moments between Steve Yu and JakeThe constant positive reinforcementIt's on Netflix
May cause shortage of tissues
10Must Watch
The Feels10


I just finished watching The Resurrection of Jake the Snake on Netflix, and I have so many emotions and feelings as a result. The documentary runs for about an hour and a half and I was completely engaged the entire time. The life of a professional wrestler is certainly a tough job. The travel, the wear and tear, and performing in front of an audience on a daily basis is hard on the body and on the mind. It’s no secret that the business has many demons. Many wrestlers pass at a young age due to substance abuse. We’ve had the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Curt Hennig, Brian Pillman, Davey Boy Smith and many others succumb to the effects of the business. Jake the Snake was slated to be the next one, until a life altering intervention happened when his friend and one-time student of the game Dallas Page a.k.a DDP and Director Steve Yu. They brought him to place named the “Accountability Crib.” With DDP’s self-created “DDP yoga,” a healthy diet, and a support group they were determined to save Jake and document every step of the way.

The documentary starts off with a little excerpt of Jake the Snake talking about life after retirement and the struggle. They flash back 25 years and start talking about Jake the Snake at the peak of his career. We saw the likes of Steve Austin, Edge, Dustin Runnels, Chris Jericho, Ted DiBiase and Jim Duggan go through all of Jake’s accolades and the impact he had on the business. This brought back so many memories and the nostalgia was huge. One of my favorite games growing up was Wrestlefest. I would always pick Jake the Snake Roberts and every time I used his finisher I would yell, “DDT!” He is my favorite wrestler of all time. This was extremely well done as it really showed him at the highest point of his career only for it to come crashing down.


Still the best wrestling game ever!

The film then covers his struggles starting from when he was a kid from his relationship with his father, abuse and what drove him to become a professional wrestler, and ultimately the start of his downfall in his struggles with addiction to alcohol and drugs. Former professional wrestler Dallas Page and creator of DDP Yoga reaches out to his former mentor and friend and equipped with his self-made DDP Yoga program attempts to rehabilitate him. The following scenes were so heartbreaking as you see a man who’s completely broken, lost his relationship with his family to such a terrible disease fight and struggle just to make it to the next day. Like many addicts, you’ll hear a story how they want to get better and improve only for them to fall back down. What is so powerful about this documentary is that they just didn’t show just the hardships of addiction but also the recovery process. One particular scene was so intense, Jake had another set back so DDP and Steve Yu had to pick him up and an entire scene unfolds on how victims of addiction are so much in denial that they lie through their teeth on what they have done. That scene hit me really hard as you can sense the anger and disappointment that DDP had but also the love and support he continued to give to his friend.


There was also some amazing feel good moments in the documentary which really showed the power of people. What really stood out was Director’s Steve Yu involvement in the process. There were times when DDP was away and you’d have these moments between Jake and Steve that were just so raw and real and you could really tell that he cared and was invested every step of the way. It was great to see a different perspective of someone who wasn’t as known. You also see Jake reunite with his own three kids who come out to support him.

However reality sets in again and more obstacles get in the way. An injury to him derails him from his recovery process and completely shatters him, however, they find an amazing way to help him pay for his surgery. What really stood out was how the film really shows the importance of having such a strong support group. They didn’t try to play it off as it was one person that turned the life of Jake around. If the story of Jake wasn’t bad enough for you, they also bring in the story of Scott Hall, another popular professional wrestler known as Razor Ramon. Scott Hall was in such bad shape that you would think that he wouldn’t survive much longer. We now got to see DDP and Jake try to help him before it was too late.


And on to the most amazing part of their story their rise back up. It wasn’t an easy process and even they admitted that it wasn’t something that was going to go away and that every day was going to be a battle. Both Scott Hall and Jake get in better shape get inducted into the WWE Hall of fame but most important of all they live to tell the story and to do it with the friends and family that supported them. DDP’s speech that he gives for Jake is so inspiring and pumped me up.


Well-Deserved Hall of Fame.

This documentary is so extremely emotional and it really inspiring at the same time. It really shows you the struggles of not just pro wrestlers but people suffering from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. It’s completely horrifying how such a disease can affect one’s life and the people around them. I’m sure to some of the viewers out there a lot of this hit home to either someone that they know or even themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to watch this as it is simply amazing and kudos to Dallas Page and Steve Yu for helping these individuals and many others around the world. Dallas Page is truly an amazing person and really shows what the power of positivity can do fro you. Although DDP Yoga is a huge part of the process, I never once felt like this was just a giant infomercial for the product. Yes, it was a huge part of the recovery process and you’d see the DDP Yoga logo all over the documentary but the way they captivated you with what Jake was going through it didn’t even matter. My wife and I have tried the DDP Yoga and we both can say it is truly awesome and I would recommend it to anyone. It was also great to see my childhood wrestling stars Jake and Scott Hall battle their demons and wanting to do better for themselves and their family. The Resurrection of Jake the Snake is a must watch, in fact, I’ve watched it three times in a matter of 24 hours.


DDP, Scott Hall, Jake the Snake and Steve Yu.

If you know anyone suffering from alcohol and drugs abuse, please get them help. They need all the support and love they can get. It won’t be easy but there are many programs out there to help those of families and friends affected by this. For more information on DDP yoga please go to their site. You can also follow Jake RobertsDDP and Scott Hall on their twitter.

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