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Going in to see Deadpool I wasn’t very optimistic.  Partially from bitterness from the mass increase of super hero related films in the past ten years, but more importantly, I was worried about Deadpool as a character. Since his first introduction in 1991 he has become one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. His personality and demeanor are very iconic, and I’d say there are very few actors that share similar traits as Wade Wilson.  Ryan Reynolds manages to steal the film but also perfectly capture him as a character. Within the first 15 minutes a lot of my fears were wiped away. In the movie, Wade (Deadpool) is a formal Special Forces Operative who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer. After being subjected to multiple experiments he gains incredible regenerating abilities and adopting the alter ego of Deadpool. These abilities are demonstrated through his very well-choreographed fight sequences, which often lead to decapitation, sexual innuendo, or a combination of both.  Most being completely inappropriate if any other character from the Marvel universe were to pull them off.  These choices make Deadpool that much more lovable.  He not only relishes these uncommon outcomes, but also manages to break the fourth wall and enjoy doing so.


One major positive about the story was its pacing; it establishes a solid rhythm very effectively.  It manages to be extremely linear while also being aware of how basic the story actually is.  However, I felt that the love story wasn’t necessary in the plot’s grand scheme. It’s a partial love story, with elements of a typical revenge story. The romance falls flat in comparison to the other plot points, and the movie would have been just as enjoyable if the love aspects were taken out entirely.

My biggest issues with the movie were the villains. I felt both were very weak characters and predictable. This could have been intentional and part of the satirical style of the film, but for the most part I don’t think it was. There were a few moments where it actually acknowledged how cut and dry they are. Neither of them have any sort of motivation. It felt like I was watching Ronan from Guardians Of The Galaxy, whose character had less depth than a rock at the lowest part of the ocean. Although the villains were completely flat they do manage to fulfill their purpose.  I just wish they were just as likable as the supporting characters.

Overall, Deadpool manages to make up for a lot of its problems.  At times I questioned if I was watching an action movie at all.  The humor is extremely sharp and aims to offend its audience as much as possible, and even takes stabs at Hugh Jackman and even Ryan Reynolds himself.  These moments withdraw you from the negative aspects of the movie and keep you stuck where it wants you to be, as a happy viewer. I think Deadpool set a new bar, not just in the aspect of “Comic Book Movies” but also what a good action flick requires. This is an is extremely rare treat, if you’re not squeamish or offended easily I recommend seeing it with a group of friends.  You’ll have a lot to talk about as soon as you step out of the theater.

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