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By far, one of the most popular anime series will finally begin its second season in April 2017. Shingeki no Kyojin, otherwise known as Attack on Titan, revealed its promotional trailer.

In a nutshell, Attack on Titan involves Attack on Titana plot where humanity has to wall themselves up against giant-sized monsters called Titans. These mysterious creatures just want to eat humans. Nothing else.

For a long time, humanity was safe. However, a fateful day involves something breaching a wall, allowing the Titans to enter in droves.

Three years ago, the show left anime fans chomping at the bit for more after the first season concluded. The show left many questions unanswered. Cliffhangers aplenty had fans wondering about what happened next.Attack on Titan

Without a doubt, Attack on Titan was truly an unprecedented success, even by anime standards. Captivating would be an understatement to describe this anime’s qualities. I became hooked instantly: by the characters, the menacing Titans, the mysteries and just about everything else the concept has to offer.

A Titan-sized Trailer

Seeing the trailer for the next upcoming season has me excited. Within the promotional video, Attack on Titan fans will see new faces, epic brawls and further secrets to uncover. By the time April rolls around, expect every Attack on Titan fan on standby with bated breath.
Attack on Titan

Frankly, what kept me so invested with the show initially stemmed from the story keeping you guessing. Every episode tacked on more and more layers to the world it was trying to build. This world brims with horror and dark elements, but a hint of hope always persists.

Like any good show, you become attached to the characters and wish them the best as they try to battle against the horrific Titans.

This next season will definitely up the ante. Or you could have just peeked ahead into the manga to see what plot twists wait around the corner. Regardless, Attack on Titan should be on everyone’s watch list during the next anime season.

Be ready.

Attack on Titan is a show licensed by FUNimation and published by Kodansha. 

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