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Another year, another season.

South Park premiered its Season 20 episode, “Member Berries,” on September 14. It truly is an amazing feat for South Park to be around for as long as it has been. I consider myself quite the South Park fan.

Many people often associate South Park to be nothing but crude and vulgar comedy, but there is more to it when you let the show be intelligent. When South Park hits its stride, the show can be smart, hilarious and thought-provoking all at the same time. Not many can say that about a lot of shows, especially for something airing on Comedy Central no less.

Last season, South Park tried something it had never done before – a season-long storyline where episode plot lines connected to one another. Season 19 focused heavily on making satires about the politically correct (PC) era currently going on these days. Season 20 picks up where Season 19 left off. With bated breath, I eagerly awaited for this new season to kick off further adventures for that particular little town in Colorado.
Randy and Member Berries

Want Some Member Berries?
How did the “Member Berries” fare as a premiere episode? To be honest, I thought the episode was OK. It was OK in the sense that I felt the episode was one-half of something more elaborate. In fact, “Member Berries” had a lot of individual stories going on all at once.

As always, South Park often bases its episodes on current events. Heck, nearly all of these single side stories could have been their own episodes:

1. People in America are protesting the National Anthem, which calls for J.J. Abrams to “reboot” the National Anthem.

2. Eric Cartman tries to push the limits of his freedom of speech/expression, which upsets the girls at school because they think Cartman is doing this so he can be an internet troll at night. The girls try to make the other boys at school feel guilty for what Cartman is doing.

3. Mr. Garrison continues to run his presidential campaign with Caitlyn Jenner.

4. Like the episode’s namesake, people apparently eat these weird grape-like things donning creepy faces that talk and remind you of nostalgic stuff from the past.

Eric and Wendy

All of these subplots came off as too cumbersome when crammed into a single episode. Each story aspect hindered the overall flow. Not to mention, this particular episode lacked funny. The jokes left a bit to be desired for, or maybe I just was not feeling it this time.

Nonetheless, South Park is just setting up for a powerful punchline or two down the road when everything comes together. Season 19 happened to be one of the best overall South Park, personally. So the potential for edgy is definitely there, with its well-written and witty humor.

You can count on me to tune in next week for the second episode airing on Comedy Central, Wednesday September 21st.


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