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In May we received a new look at Andrés Muschietti’s (Mama) reimagining of cult horror classic IT. The trailer offered a closer look at the mystery of Derry, Maine and our group of protagonists, The Losers Club. This morning, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema released the latest and most horrifying trailer yet. Enter Pennywise.

In previous teaser trailers, the terrifying, shapeshifting clown loomed in the background. In this gut wrenching trailer we get an even closer, more intense look at Pennywise as he takes centerstage.

The trailer opens with The Losers Club of Derry. It’s all fun and games until 15 year old Patrick Hockstetter goes missing and the Derry Police Department issue a 7:00pm curfew for the town’s children/students.

The trailer intensifies as we begin to see some of our protagonists being bullied. We then see the iconic scene of Georgie chasing his paper made boat in a storm when he encounters Pennywise for the first time, in a sewer drain. This has been explored in past teasers but we have never heard Pennywise’s voice until now. “Here, take it.” Pennywise’s voice and laugh are downright bone-chilling.

“You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too.”

The remainder of the trailer is filled with horrifying and intense imagery of Georgie and Pennywise terrorizing The Losers Club. This teaser is filled to the brim with intense and frightening scares. Blink and you might miss it. We are left with many clips that not only pay tribute to its predecessor but also elevate it at the same time.

The beauty about these trailers have all promised a heart filled, terrifying remake of Stephen King’s IT and the official IT trailer delivers on that promise.

Andrés Muschietti’s IT is sure to fuel new nightmares September 8, 2017. 

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