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Warcraft is coming out in theaters and Blizzard is already offering many pre-purchases and goodies for their fans. Based on World of Warcraft, the movie will be an epic adventure in the realm of Azeroth. It was brought to life with the help of Duncan Jones, Legendary Entertainment and Universal Pictures and we can’t wait to see what they have prepared for us!
Here are some ways to get ready for the movie release, which is June 10 in North America. Along with claiming unique prizes in-game, you can also enjoy the soundtrack and get the official prequel novel!

Warcraft Movie Inspired Transmogrification Items

All players who log in to World of Warcraft will get a special commemorative gift! A set of cosmetic gear will be rewarded, one for each faction. So make sure you log in soon to claim your present! This event will go until August 1st.

Durotan – The Prequel

Written by the best-selling author Christie Golden, Durotan is the official prequel for Warcraft the movie! Let this book bring you in the heart of the frostwolves clan as they make their way to find peace. In a world that is dying under their feet, their struggle is only getting harder and harder. Learn more about Durotan and how he had to abandon his home, pride and traditions for the sake of his people.
Warcraft Novel : Durotan, the prequel for the movie.

Warcraft – Soundtrack

The official soundtrack for the film has been released by Blizzard on SoundCloud for everyone to listen to before it comes out! It is filled with epic and emotional music that will only make you more excited for the movie. The composer isGrammy nominee Ramin Djawadi. It is also already available for pre-order on iTunes for those who would like to get the digital version.

All images and songs are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment, Legendary pictures and Universal pictures.

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