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Sword Art Online the Movie – New Trailer

Sword Art Online is an animated series based on author Reki Kawahara’s ligh novels with the same title. The series has grown very popular both with the novels and the TV show over the past years. Also, the series is now getting a movie in 2017 and the news made a lot of fans both happy and cautious. A lot of viewers are worried about the movie’s content since this story will be an original one for the movie. The story is still written by Reki Kawahara, but is not part of the novels.The movie finally released it’s second trailer, giving a more in depth look at the universe and it’s characters!  In this story, all the main characters of SAO are in the battle as well as a few new heroes to join them.
The Story

The story of Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale – happens in 2026, four years after the NerveGear was introduced. While proven to be dangerous, the virtual reality devices are still attracting many gamers. This time, the Augma is created to compete with the NerveGear and Amusphere. However, the device doesn’t have the full-dive function like the previous models. This one uses Augmented Reality (AR) to get the players to the game. It is meant as a safe and user-friendly wearable device that lets the users play while remaining conscious. It is an instant hit and the most popular game is “Ordinal Scale” (OS), an ARMMORPG. In Ordinal Scale, the players can collect items to raise their ranks. These items appear in locations in the real world and are awarded by defeating monsters. Ranks being the main feature of the game, high ranked players have overwhelming powers and their ranks determines the outcomes of PVP battles. After Kitiro decides to join the game, him and his friends will soon realize that there is a dark mystery within the game…


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