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moogle-courierThe Moogle Post is a fairly well-known fan publication in the FFXIV community. It focuses primarily on written and visual content covering in-game events/updates, class guides, quirky commentary, and more with some undoubtedly gorgeous designs and artwork.

I took a moment to chat with one of The Moogle Posts’ lead editors, Luna, who has some great advice for content creators and insight as to what fuels their creative process.


Creative review of in-game restaurant, Blush Bistro, from Issue 7. I mean, it even says “Kweh” (the Chocobo sound) instead of “Yelp”, how adorable is that?


The first issue of the Moogle Post Newsletter in March 2016. The design & content has beautifully evolved since.

How did The Moogle Post get started?

The Moogle Post started as a simple FC (a guild in FFXIV is called a Free Company) newsletter. Something we could work on together, a funny way to keep our FC members informed and share some inside jokes. Then someone said “Hey, this is pretty good. You guys should post this on Reddit”, so we did. A few hundred upvotes, and a full 24 hours as the top post on the FFXIV subreddit later, we realized we might be onto something here. There were plenty of people out there who enjoy reading about FFXIV as much as we do, so we got started on a second issue. So far we’ve published a total of 8 issues, and we take great pride in the fact that it has evolved into a full-blown online magazine.

What sort of content does TMP focus on providing?

We’re determined to publish content that is both useful and amusing. We’ve got everything from in-depth class guides to tips on taking the best up-skirts (pg. 16). We also have periodic news updates and commentary on any newly released patch content or events that Square Enix throws our way, not to mention we’re currently building our blogging presence to provide more weekly content for our readers.


Angry Old Gamer is a humorous recurring article, which pokes fun at Millennials and new players alike.

What’s the creative process behind creating content for TMP?

We generally have three different types of content; recurring content, new or one-off pieces, and weekly content that is released between magazine issues. The recurring content is generally written by the same people each month. New content or one-off articles are either written by one of our regular writers with a new idea, or we’ve frequently brought people with their ideas into the fold and they write a new article for us. Once the article has been written, it gets submitted to our team of proofreaders who edit the content to assure proper grammar and flow. Once the proofreaders are done, they then submit the written content to our team of layout designers and artists. Once they’re done making everything beautiful, it gets submitted to myself or Oldbear (another lead editor) to be organized, assembled, and sometimes tweaked into the full magazine issue. It’s a pretty long process from start to finish, and there are a lot of moving parts. We also have our very own Social Media Guru that helps us maintain our presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis.

What challenges have you ran into as TMP expands?

There have been quite a few obstacles that we’ve needed to overcome as the magazine grows and evolves. With more team members comes more complications. Since we rely on 100% donated time, it can be a little difficult to keep up with different schedules and trying to maintain deadlines for content. Recently we also switched to a new website in order to overcome some of the setbacks we were facing using Wix. We never imagined that the magazine would grow into what it is, so part of our evolution has included streamlining our web presence to make it easier for our readers to have access to our new content. But unfortunately, that also means that our monthly costs have gone up as well. We struggle to keep up with the costs of our software and website needs, and have been relying on the generous donations we receive to keep the magazine going.


Visenya Elery masterfully recreates classic in-game screenshots with her own personal touch for staff portraits and a number of cover feature images.

How would you encourage fans to create content for their favorite game?

First and foremost, I would have them think about what kind of content they, themselves have needed to look up or ask someone about in order to achieve a goal in-game. The chances that other people have had to do the same thing is quite high, so I would start there. Creating guides and other useful content for their game would be a great starting point. Past that, fun things involving other player shenanigans is also a good way to bring in some humor to the content. There’s of course always the option of hosting giveaways and contests, too! We have a weekly glamour contest that has been a big hit so far, and it helps other players get involved in your publications. As long as you have even a sprinkle of creativity, your options are endless! Most of all though, have fun with it.

A number of talented artists contribute to TMP, such as zziro for the Dear Abby blog.

I encourage fans of MMOs, Final Fantasy, or simply high quality content to check out The Moogle Post regularly for a laugh and insight towards the tight-knit FFXIV community. You may even decide to pick up the game and give it a try!

Make sure you visit their website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

Click below to view their latest issue from October 2016!


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