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Streaming giant Twitch has announced the opening of the new Twitch Wardrobe – their exclusive clothing store. It allows fans to finally get their hands on Twitch branded apparel.

New Twitch Apparel Details

It’s been a long time coming, but with the release of the Twitch Wardrobe, fans of the global streaming service will finally be able to purchase their very own clothes. Though historically, Twitch clothing was only made available to partners or during special conventions or events. With the start of the Twitch Wardrobe, fans across the globe can now “bleed purple” to show support for a service they love.

Among the new range of items, one can buy a Twitch pint glass, various t-shirts, a beanie, and the crown jewel – the ‘Glitch Pillow‘. All items are available on the Twitch store with US Amazon prime customers receiving 2-day delivery, and worldwide orders taking longer. There is also an Amazon store link where fans can buy the merchandise. A list of countries where products can be shipped is listed in the store FAQs along with other information regarding the products.

Bleeding Purple for Twitch General Information

This is all possible because Twitch has over 100 million unique monthly users and has established itself as a heavyweight in the broadcasting industry, with over 241 billion minutes of gaming and creative content streamed to date. With regular real-life meetups such as community organized events and TwitchCon, the platform has soared above many others and for some fans, is the premier location for esports and gaming content. Several major esports events have gone exclusively with Twitch, such as the Rocket League Championship Series tournament and the Counter Strike: Global Offensive ELEAGUE major.

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