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As Twitch’s Creative community rapidly grows it comes as no surprise that Twitch Creative will be receiving an update: Twitch Creative Communities. Soon Twitch creative users will be able to submit a Community to the website to create a hub for all of its viewers and content creators. In order to create a community you will have to submit a Community name, a banner image, add related hashtags and build a wealth of other broadcasters in the community.

Twitch Creative

Twitch Creative’s community creator template.

“We want to make it easier for users to find the content that they want and for broadcasters to find like minded content creators.”Twitch Creative

While there is no launch date for Twitch Creative Communities there are a few creative channels that are beta testing the new Communities update. Twitch, arguably, has one of the most supportive communities on the internet and this is only another step in the right direction.

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