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While Twitch has some great communities on their website, malicious users still wreak havoc from time to time. Earlier this year at DreamHack during Blizzard’s Hearthstone tournament live stream, Twitch chat users ridiculed and bashed Terrence Miller. And not because of the way he played but because of the color of his skin.

Terrence Miller

Terrence Miller. Photo credit: Kotaku.

Hate speech and racial slurs filled the chat. All of which made Terrence Miller’s second-place ranking a bittersweet victory. In light of the incident, Twitch took a stand and made a statement directed toward hate speech. However, moderators received little help for the longest time. Hurtful comments plagued many chats.

Until now.

Twitch has now launched a new filter for chat called AutoMod. Thanks to the AutoMod beta, mods and streamers finally have a method to prevent hateful messages.

Twitch AutoMod

Why a Screening Process for Twitch Became Necessary

Previously, moderators of a stream could put individuals in charge of chat. Mods had to make sure viewers acted civilized by following the streamer’s rules. They block and give timeouts to troublemakers in chat. Also, they try to delete offensive user messages whenever possible. Unfortunately, moderators could only delete posted messages. But there was no way to screen messages.

AutoMod hopes to change this fact.

“One of the best ways we can help bring about change is to provide tools and education that empower all types of voices to be heard. AutoMod is one of those tools, and we hope it will encourage our users to join us in our continued focus on fostering a positive environment on social media.”

When setting up AutoMod, streamers will have to set AutoMod to their preferred level of strictness in four categories: Identity, Profanity, Aggressive Speech and Sexual Language. When a user in chat sends a message that falls under one of these categories, the message becomes flagged. A flagged message then notifies a mod to screen the message. Mods then decide to accept or deny the message altogether.

AutoMod is available now. You can find it in Twitch Settings under “Channel & Video.”

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