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Without a doubt, Castlevania gives Netflix viewers something worth sinking their fangs into to sate their entertainment fix.

Though just four episodes long for its first season, this Netflix original treats the Castlevania video game source material with plenty of respect. Konami would be proud to have this series showcasing their intellectual property in such a stylish way!

With top-notch presentation in the form of anime-inspired animation that would be worthy of a movie (with superb voice acting to boot), Castlevania turns the first four episodes into something quite magical.

But we warned – Castlevania is not for everyone, especially if you do not like gory violence and the sight of blood!

Bloody Brilliance


And that is something I want to throw out there for the record. Generally speaking, I DO NOT like overly violent stuff in the shows or movies I tend to watch.

However, I do make exceptions when something is intriguing enough for me to look past it all.

I found myself getting squeamish with some of the scenes throughout Castlevania. There were plenty of moments I will admit to wincing at how graphic some of the imagery or violence is.

So do not expect any censorship with all of the blood and body parts flying around here. The show pulls no punches in this regard.

The First Season – Just an Appetizer

Trevor Belmont

Trevor Belmont.

This first season does an excellent job of depicting how angry Dracula is at punishing mankind for burning his wife at the stake. The army from hell he sics on humanity is not the friendly kind of monsters. That is for sure.

By establishing how ruthless and scary Dracula’s horde is, it sets the stage for the show’s protagonists to enter into the mix.

For instance, Trever Belmont embodies an intriguing hero for the story. He is a laidback kind of guy whose quips can sting just as much as the crack of his whip.

The show picked a talented actor in Richard Armitage to play a gruff, yet badass version of this famous character in video games.

The Second Season – On Order


Dracula himself.

Netflix already renewed Castlevania for another season for the series.

What fantastic news! After all, the first four episodes already make you want to see what happens next! Be sure to check out this series now if you like anything Castlevania. Bring your appetite for entertainment!

Castlevania is a video games series from Konami. All images belong to Netflix.

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