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YouTube Heroes: A New Take On Moderation

If you’ve seen the video above, you will know that YouTube has launched a new program called “YouTube Heroes” and it’s already received some massive criticism.

What is it?

YouTube Heroes is a global community of volunteer contributors who help create the best possible YouTube experience for everyone.

YouTube Heroes is a program designed to recognize and reward the global community of volunteer contributors. The volunteers help create the best possible YouTube experience for everyone by:

Heroes also unlock exclusive rewards along the way. The YouTube Heroes program is offered everywhere YouTube is available.

Levels and Reward System

If you take a look at the reward system, people are rewarded for each tier of support. This encourages growth and gets people involved, as well as motivation to work towards the higher level.

The Future

What does the YouTube Heroes program contribute to internet moderation and what we know of it? Does it border on censorship, is it giving too much power to the everyday user of YouTube? What do you think?


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