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2GGC: Civil War Saga took place this past weekend and caused a huge stir in the Smash world. The first details about the tournament were released a little over a year ago but the hype maintained. The event took place at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, California. Competitors enjoyed three full days of Smash for Wii U action that surprised even the most avid viewers.

Day 1: Start of 2v2

Civil War started off with the 2v2 tournament on Friday. The event began at 10 a.m. and lasted the entire day. The event included 133 different teams, all fighting for the number one spot. Many of the high seeded teams made it out of their pools. The lone exception was the team of Nakat and VoiD, dubbed team CLG. A surprise team of Legit and Teb, two Northern California players, managed to double eliminate the team.

The doubles bracket took a break at top 12. Here are the teams that made it in.



Larry Lurr/ANTi










Secondary Round Robin

The other event that took place on Friday was a round robin to determine what character would headline next month’s 2GG Saga. VoiD, Ally, Trela, Nairo, MkLeo and Ranai all participated, using one of their alternate characters. In the end, Ranai edged out a close victory in the round robin using Greninja. Nairo placed second with his alternate character Robin. This means that 2GG will hold a saga honoring Greninja mains next month. They will also most likely be flying out many notable players of the character.

The doubles bracket resumed shortly afterward. In the losers side of the bracket, Kome/Tsu defeated Pugwest/Mr.E and Abadango/Kameme won over the legendary duo Ranai/komorikiri. MVD/ESAM also managed to win over the underdogs Legit/Teb, and Zero/Nairo stormed past Ally/Venom.

2v2 Finals

In winners, Marss/Zinoto and Javi/MkLeo won their matches, setting up for a bout in winners finals. Javi/MkLeo proved too much to handle, winning 3-0 and putting themselves in the winner’s side of grand finals. This left the rest of the teams to scrap it out in the loser’s bracket.Back in Losers, Zero/Nairo managed to win their way to losers finals for a matchup with Marss/Zinoto. Their team composition and chemistry proved to be a bit too much to handle as they won 3-1 over the newly formed team. This set up a grand finals match between Zero/Nairo and Javi/MkLeo.

In that match, Zero/Nairo fared pretty well, but eventually ended up falling to the family team of Javi/MkLeo. This made Javi/MkLeo the doubles champions of 2GGC Civil War, giving them momentum in the rest of the tournament, which they hoped to ride.

Day 2: Major Upsets

Saturday saw the start of pools for the singles side of Civil War. Spectators prepared for a slew of upsets, and Civil War obliged. Fow, hailed as one of the game’s best Ness mains took out fifth-ranked Larry Lurr, sending him to losers. The second upset came when Xzax, a Norcal Fox main took out number one ranked ZeRo, sending him to losers as well.

As the day went on, more results came in. Nicko, a Socal Shulk main, sent ANTi to losers, and Meteor sent the Mexican wonder MkLeo to losers as well. The end of day two saw both headliners of Civil War, ZeRo and Ally, taken out by Luhtie, a Zero Suit Samus main, and Locus, a stellar Ryu main, respectively.

Other notable upsets were: Hikaru, the Japanese DK wonder, over VoiD, Ac, a Falco/Metaknight duo main, over Nakat, falln over Ned, and ANTi over VoiD in a heart-wrenching match.

The craziness continued into Sunday, where the top 32 would be shaven down to just one. 9B, a Japanese Bayonetta player struck first. He took out Fow at 25th with a 3-1 win. Dabuz and Nairo managed wins over Shuton and Ranai, continuing their winners runs.

ESAM proved to have the upset of the day, as he took out Ally using Samus who is considered to be a low tier character. This eliminated Ally from the tournament at 25th place. Samsora also provided an upset of ANTi , putting him in 25th place as well.

One of the last matched before top 8 pitted Locus against Nairo. Having already beaten Ally, Locus looked to add another win against a member of the PGR top 10. The set was close, but Locus closed it out in a game five situation. This sent him into one of the last top 8 spots of the most hyped Smash for Wii U tournaments to date.

Top 8: The New Challengers

Locus and Marss took the stage for the first match of top 8 and proved they made it there for a reason. The set came down to yet another game five, but this time it was Marss who provided a clutch play to win it. Kirihara, a Japanese Rosalina and Luma main managed to dismantle the fan favorite HIKARU in the other losers eighths match, propelling himself to loser’s quarters.In winner’s, T the lone Japanese link main, took out Fatality, the world’s best Captain Falcon main, sending his to loser’s. Dabuz continued his warpath taking out CaptainZack in a close, 3-2 set, dropping him down to loser’s as well.

Fatality and CaptainZack both managed to win their loser’s quarters matches, setting them against each other in loser’s semifinals. The pressure seemed to get to CaptainZack as he lost 3-0 to Fatality, while Sd’ing twice during the set.

A Familiar Face

Back in winner’s finals, Dabuz cruised to a win against T, and proved to know a lot about what many thought would be an unfamiliar matchup. This propelled him into the winner’s side of grand finals, where he awaited his final opponent.

Fatality seemed to ride the momentum of his win over CaptainZack, as he beat T 3-0. It seemed like he would carry it all the way to his match in grand finals against Dabuz. This wasn’t the case however. Dabuz surgically cut away at Fatality as he won the set 3-1. This gave Dabuz his first super national win ever, joining the ranks of ZeRo, Nairo and Ally.

What are your thoughts on the tournament?

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