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AlexIch Now Subbing For Team EnVyUs

After recent controversy with Team Renegades, AlexIch posted an update on his Facebook about what is next for the beloved League of Legends Veteran.

Hello guys! From now on I am officially substitute midlaner for Team EnVyUs. I will probably not have much playtime in LCS so I will try to stream a lot! I will be streaming atleast 5 days a week from 8 PM PST to 2-4 AM PST ( 4 AM CET – 10-12 AM CET ). If I will decide to stream at other times I will let you know! Thx everyone for still rooting for me and supporting me and my family! :) – Alex Ich

Recently, Team Renegades faced a lot of controversy regarding dishonesty in their relations to Riot Games. They also supposedly mistreated their players by threatening to withhold money and provisions, which led to Team Renegades’ LCS spot being sold. This resulted in the co-owners of Team Renegades, MonteCristo and Chris Badawi, being banned from associating with teams in any Riot Games-sanctioned League.

With Renegades being disbanded, it’s nice to know where and what some of our beloved all-stars are up to. Even though he is only a substitute for EnVyUs, we will still see AlexIch on our monitors as we watch the League Championship Series.

It’s great to see a veteran player still finding ways to stay in the scene. Then again, looking at Alex’s history, he’s never been on the same team for long. It seems like he’ll always get picked up some way or another.

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