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Announcement: Pro Rivalry League (PRL) Shakes up Weekly Schedule

Our friends over at Pro Rivalry League are shaking up their weekly schedule by adding more streaming days to it.

“Based in California, the organization is relatively new to the esports scene, but are already making an impact. What started as a hobby and love for Rocket League, has grown into a core and integral part of the esports community for the game…”

Their weekly 2v2, which has moved to Sunday at 5pm EDT, will still host a $100 prize pool. Pro Rivalry League is now planning a 3v3 tournament on Monday at 7PM EDT, viewer games on Tuesday at 8PM EDT and a 1v1 tournament on Thursday at 7PM EDT.


The new schedule is subject to change based off of feedback and support of the overall Rocket League community.

PRL has kept up with the 2v2 tournaments for 10 weeks now and because of the success and popularity, they are ready to expand their schedule and production as they grow to be a premier tournament provider!

Catch PRL’s streams on Twitch and check out their website for more info and tournament sign-ups!

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