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On March 28th, Pro Rivalry League and Black Caiman put on a special Rocket League show for Xbox players.

Xbox Tournament

It’s no surprise that Xbox players are under-represented because of the lack of console crossplay. Perhaps this ability will be possible in future, but for now, Xbox players get their own exclusive tournaments. Black Caiman helped facilitate the event by partnering up with Pro Rivalry League (PRL).


First up were teams Aimer X1 versus Braguettes. It was a dominating match for Aimer X1, who took the win with a series score of 3 – 0.

The next matchup between Ducks on Quack and Weenie Boys looked like it would be much closer. After playing four games, the series score was 3 – 1 for Weenie Boys.


This match was much closer in skill level. The plays used during the five games were high level–in the Twitch clip below, one goal was scored off the top crossbar! After the game, the tournament ended with a score of 3 – 2 in favor of Weenie Boys.


On top of the stellar game play from the night’s tournament, PRL has been very busy.

First, they announced that the organization is partnering up with Overwolf once again to host a 2 v 2 tournament! The games are set to take place on Sunday, April 2nd.

Second, the EU contingent of PRL has been running smoothly. With two tournaments completed so far, the casters and the staff have done well running the show and viewers have enjoyed the spectacle. This opens up the potential return of Ikewolf and other Rocket League tournament players who have been unable to compete due to timezone restrictions.

Third, and the biggest announcement from PRL: LanDiego is happening next month in April! The PRL staff will be available for meet and greets, plus amazing Rocket League gameplay  will be on display. Make sure to get tickets now, registration is available on Eventbrite. Click here to secure your tickets.

Wrap Up

It’s no secret that PRL has been a pillar of success when it comes to esports. Now, after only a year of operation, they been hosts to successful events and organizers of fun and energetic tournaments for the Rocket League community. There’s certainly more to come from them.

Until next time.

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