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It has been about a week since the online qualifiers for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Dorm were completed. The tournament last year was a chance for college and university students in North America to win tuition as well as epic prizes. Last week, much like last year, they released their bracket play for the top 64 teams in the qualifiers. Many fans of the game will be able to join the fight again by taking the bracket challenge and a chance to win some loot while cheering for their favorite teams. Players from around the world will also get to see the action during a live broadcast of the matches starting March 19 on Twitch, YouTube and ESPN. Let’s take a look at what the Dorms have to offer this year:

The 2016 schedule for Blizzard's Heroes of the Dorm


This year’s bracket has been divided in four groups: A, B, C, and D. Section A has many promising teams such as the University of Illinois’ team Mad Banners with Kakisho as a returning player from Heroes of the Dorm 2015.

In group B, there are many great teams competing but one that most players are anticipating is UT – Arlington’s Dark Blaze. This team has been undefeated and has the lowest average game time of the 64 teams in the competition. This group, group C and D will also have interesting number of returning players from Heroes of the Dorm 2015. You might want to keep an eye on Boston College’s Pool Plato ST with three returning players from last year’s heroic four. Group C has two team coming back from 2015: UConnecticut’s Tricky Turtles and California Berkeley’s Golden Mishas. Tricky Turtles are coming back to claim their crown as they were disqualified last year, while Golden Mishas have a whole new roster that looks very promising. The Group D has its share of amazing players. Arizona State University’s Real Dream Team will be taking part again in the competition as one of many player’s favourite team. There will also be two great Teams we will watch carefully: UToronto’s Varsity Blues, the second team from Canada alongside Universeté Laval’s Rouge et Or.


Azmodan's legendary skin: Azmodunk

Bracket Challenge with Azmodunk!

As for online viewers who will be cheering on favorite contestants, for the very first time there is a chance to get a free Skin Bundle! If you attend the Heroes of the Dorm’s Heroic Four and Grand Finals on April 9-10 you will leave with your bundle and an additional portrait. However, fans of the game will also get a chance even if they can’t make it to the live event. The bracket challenge is back and provides an opportunity to win the new released content as well as other prizes.

Blizzard announced its new Legendary skin inspired by the many fans of the game: the Azmodunk. Sporting the community’s nickname for the Hero, the new Lord of the Court’s design consists of a sports outfit, a few shoes and lots of wristbands! His basketball has a lava texture which is a great detail to remind us of his origins. Like other skins, this one will have three color variations but only two are shown in the featured video. The last color has not been decided yet it will be determined by the winners of Heroes of the Dorm.  The skin includes unique animations for his abilities and recall. His Globe of Annihilation marks the ground with a big nest that reacts on impact. The Demon Warriors are break out of hell wearing a matching outfit.The skins also include voice-over lines such as, “I only play with the best” and “Doom Shakalaka.” At the end or the video shared by Blizzard , you can also get a quick preview of the banner mount included in the bundle.  The bundle should arrive in the Nexus on April 12 and will include Azmodan, Azmodunk and the mount celebrating the champions of the competition. The top 500 bracket winners will be the lucky ones to log in with a brand new Skin.

For more information about the bracket you can visit www.heroesofthedorm.com. A lot of exciting moments are around the corner for Heroes of the Storm. Stay tuned as many teams fight their way in the Heroic Four and Grand Final!

All screenshots and images from Heroes of the Storm and Heroes of the Dorm are copyright of Blizzard Entertainment.
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