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Battlerite fans have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Free-to-Play version for months now. Stunlock Studios just announced players will have to wait even longer.

In latest news, the developers expressed their reason for the push back:

“In the long run we are confident that our efforts will ensure the longevity of Battlerite for several years ahead but we will need more time to develop our internal processes while expanding Battlerite with new features, content and improvements. Because of this, we are now aiming for a Free-To-Play release in late 2017.”

The developers also cite new features such as:

  • Ranked system overhauls
  • A better private mode to foster the growing esports scene with:
    • Improved spectator features
    • Better replay functions
  • And as always, new champions, items, and outfits

Community Reaction

Player reactions to this announcement are, as you might expect, largely negative. However, the vocal minority tends to make the negative opinion appear to be the popular one. As someone who has purchased the game already, I do not feel that this is a major detriment to my experience. I purchased the game in early access knowing full well delays happen. I cannot think of a single game I have played in early access that actually met its goal for full release. Claims such as “this delay is going to kill Battlerite forever” are preemptive but for now let’s hope that won’t be case.

You can bet that I, and many others, will be playing Battlerite and enjoying its nascent esports scene that is growing every day.


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